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What You're Missing on Your Event Press Releases

by ndadmin 4. November 2010 20:41

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Press releases are an excellent promotional vehicle to gain market exposure for your next event. Whether you are using an outside vendor to submit company  wide press releases or are pushing them out on your own, below is a list of things to remember before your next release hits the wire; this is information that is often left off press releases, yet sought after by journalists and other key constituents.

1) The name and location of the show you are exhibiting at.  How many times you have exhibited at this particular show in the past? Are you a veteran exhibitor? Are you a sponsor? If so what level of sponsorship?

2) Your booth number and the first and last names of the people that will be manning your booth. Journalists and others use this reference to map out in-person visits.

3) A contact name and cell phone number of the person responsible for managing your presence at the show (most likely you). Journalists often need quick access to an on-site spokesperson or expert when drafting a story.

4) Links to your Web site or specific links to product information. If your website has an events calender provide the url .  If you are tweeting from the event, provide the journalist your Twitter username so that he/she may monitor the event activity remotely. 

5) Logos, product shot visuals and compelling booth photographs. A picture says a thousand words. Photos and logos provide much needed graphic elements for journalists while making your news stand out from the rest of exhibitors.  Make sure to provide any information regarding new product launches or special offers that you are featuring in your booth. 

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