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Top Industry Influentials Weigh in on Lead Management

by Nomadic Display 12. October 2010 22:15

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After last Tuesdays blog write up in lead management I scowered the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) discussion forum on LinkedIN for exclusive insider feedback.  See below what some industry veterans are saying about lead management:

“It's hard to explain to the executives sometimes that the qualitative is as important as metrics.  I currently use a simple spreadsheet to report quantitative and qualitative results which works"okay" but, I admit that I would love to improve upon this.”

 –  Holly Randall, Marketing Manager, Trade Relations

“This has ALWAYS been a challenge, and not just being able to calculate ROI. Convincing management to spend an extra $10 or $20 to qualify a sales lead that costs $150+ to get is a challenge in and of itself.  Definitely a huge gap between marketing's efforts to generate leads and sale's perception of the lack of quality and hence, lack of follow-up...”

 – Bill Wilde, Principal, Marketing and Advertising Let us know how your company Leads the way in Lead management

“If you don't build a collaborative relationship between sales and marketing and establish alignment of business unit objectives, trying to determine ROI or ROO is fruitless. The bigger issue is the ability to align the different business groups to build consensus on a process that will deliver metrics that mean something to the company”

- Steve McWilliams, VP of Sales and Marketing, Information Technology and Services Industry 

”The best is at the very earliest stages to discuss with those who are doing the event why they are investing in it and what they hope to get out of it. Before you leave the room have those metrics agreed upon and in the post event analysis present them as well as any other metrics you feel are relative.”

- Harris Schanhaut, Senior Events Leader, Marketing and Advertising

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