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Tips and tricks for large format graphic production

by Nomadic Display 6. April 2010 21:11
There are a few simple rules I have learned over the years to help you and your designer create eye-catching graphics. And that it only takes one bad experience to reinforce why you should follow these guidelines.

Timing. We live in a world of instant communication and instant gratification but large format graphic production still requires time.  You should try to plan for a minimum of 10 business days for production.  I know that many graphic providers have geared their production cycles to time lines faster than this, but you as the buyer should not be caught up in “I can produce it in a day” mentality – because inevitably something will go wrong and you have run out of time to fix it.

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Tradeshow graphics as a medium.  Make sure that your chosen designer understands what they are producing graphics for. If unsure about a tradeshow display, have them think of an outdoor billboard and not the company brochure. Easy on the text and heavy on the hook.

File guidelines.  Make sure you get proper file instructions before the design is started.  Layered files vs. flattened files – who cares, right? You will care once you learn that your cool design cannot be manipulated and printed the way you want.

Special instructions.  As we all know color is the most subjective part of design and unless you provide the vendor with color expectations or guidance, don’t be surprised if your orange is a little red.  Give a PMS number or provide a printed sample as a guide – life will be easier for everyone involved.


Proofing.  It is very important that you allow time to receive proofs before the print button is hit.  Proofs will help ensure quality and accuracy for all.

Timing.  Oh yeah, already mentioned that.  But it’s worth going over again. Plan ahead and have your exhibit graphics in hand before you preview your exhibit – everyone will be happier

Good Luck and see you on the tradeshow floor.

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