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Three Things You Need To Know About Booth Design

by Nomadic Display 5. February 2010 01:33

Whether you're a seasoned exhibitor, or new to trade shows, you certainly want to put your best foot forward when you're in front of your customers, and a well-designed booth is key to giving the right impression.

Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, many exhibitors make critical mistakes which can easily derail their efforts....or at least add unnecessary frustration to the process.

Here's my top picks for pitfalls to be avoided:

1. Don't feel like you have to "know" design... just be sure you "know" yourself.
This sounds like an easy one, but it's a conversation that I have with clients daily. All too often exhibitors have a preconceived idea of how they want their booth to look... when they don't even have a clear idea of what they're trying to accomplish at the show. If you want a great exhibit design and a successful exhibit program, clear and solid communication of your company's criteria and goals is essential (FYI..."look good and get more leads" is not a specific goal). Good design is always based on solid information, and it's the designer's job to develop the aesthetics and layout. Without that information, you may still end up with a design that you're satisfied with, but you will have missed an opportunity to take your exhibit program to the next level.

2. Be sure your exhibit and messaging is clear, coherent, and scalable.
Yes, you probably need a big logo that's visible from a couple aisles away, but once your prospect gets up to your booth....will they just see more logos? You're asking attendees to give you some of their time, so be sure that your exhibit rewards their investment. Your booth needs to be able to quickly inform attendees about your company/services/products, and pique their interest to learn more. Your booth staff certainly needs to be engaging and informative, but you're handicapping yourself if you expect your staff to carry the full load. In terms of scalability, your exhibit (structure, messaging, and overall experience) needs to engage the prospect both from a distance, as well as up close. Your exhibit program is a significant expense, make sure it's working for you.

3. Be sure your exhibit and messaging is clear, coherent, and scalable.

Okay, that's the same one again... but it is that important.

On clarity: even if your marketing department has the most powerful, evocative, and well-thought out campaign ever, you can still sabotage your booth by cluttering your booth with TOO MUCH of it. Or too much of anything for that matter. Less is more. Yes, I know, that idea may seem to run contrary to tradeshows as we know them...but I believe that there's value there. To draw an analogy from retail....your booth can either be well-thought-out boutique with everything in it's proper place, or a discount store with banners and signage everywhere. The choice is yours.

Have a great show!