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Should you restrict the visitors in your booth to only those you want to do business with?

by Nomadic Display 25. May 2010 01:56
It depends on how big a problem this is for you. If you really want to restrict visitors in your booth, then you can consider having a closed design, where entry is gained by invitation only. You’ll find this will certainly deter time wasters. This type of approach to exhibiting will require you to put thought into the whole process: from having booth staff positioned at the entrance point to qualify visitors for entry, through to deciding what you intend to do with the visitors once they’re inside.

If you are reluctant to close down your display for fear of missing an important prospect, then you must train your booth staff to be able to handle time wasters effectively. Put together three to five key questions for them to ask visitors. This will help them to quickly distinguish between true business prospects and casual visitors. Put a reception counter on the front of your exhibit to police who does and doesn’t get in. And certainly don’t display any form of temptation, such as freebies or handouts.


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