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Should you hand out your expensive company brochures to all or select visitors who come to your booth?

by Nomadic Display 1. June 2010 23:06
Actually, you shouldn’t give expensive brochures to any visitors at your booth. How many times have you visited a Trade Show and walked away with a show goodie bag full of glossy brochures, and then put the bag in the corner of your office and forgotten about it? Your brochure will gain far greater impact if you mail it and it lands on the prospects desk within a couple of days of the show. Prepare your follow up letters prior to the show so you are ready to push the button as soon as you get back to the office.

But don’t be caught short if visitors are really interested in taking something away with them. Either consider printing a simple flyer especially created for the show, or make sure your give-aways include your contact details.


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