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Should you be concerned if you are closely surrounded by your competitors at your next industry show?

by Nomadic Display 19. May 2010 22:50
There is no better place to showcase your company and products than at a Trade Show. If your exhibit and staff look professional and your staff is up for the challenge, then you can be confident of meeting not only your clients and prospects, but also your competitors’ clients. In many ways the show floor becomes a level playing field and everyone has a chance to shine, even against the biggest competition.

Picture 1Get a copy of the show floor map and mark your competitor spaces. Then spend time planning your display orientation. Check to see where the main visitor flow will come from and where your key competitors are. Position important messages, show stopping graphics and display staff in the right places to best attract attention.

Remember to invite all your clients and prospects to the show and take advantage of show offers for them such as free entry, VIP status and free seminar places. If it is an industry event, they will be coming anyway. What will it say to them if you don’t invite them but one of your competitors does? The show is the perfect opportunity to prove you’re the best.

You may even consider getting a mystery shopper to visit the show, and give you honest feedback on how you performed versus the other exhibitors.

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