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Planning for a show can get a little overwhelming sometimes. Where should you start?

by Nomadic Display 12. March 2010 01:53
By having the right stack of information in front of you will save you unnecessary worries.

But where do you start? I suggest you begin with your show’s exhibitor service manual.  The exhibitor service manual is the official guide to everything you need to know about the show: all the relevant information, deadlines, rules and regulations, service forms, registration, show promotions, contractor and shipping information. 
By going through the manual, you are able to simplify the planning and execution of your event. You also save your company time and money by avoiding unnecessary costs and logistical headaches.

In this electronic day and age, it’s very convenient to get hold of a copy of your show’s service manual online. You don’t need to wait for a physical copy to get through the mail.

So start browsing through the pages of your manual and take the hassle out of exhibiting.

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