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Most booth staff only approach 1 out of 28 attendees. Are you doing everything you can to engage show attendees?

by Kat Shea 5. November 2009 20:49

In an ideal world, exhibitions would be full of proactive, highly effective communicators who approach and engage visitors with ease. In reality, this isn’t always the case. Industry research shows that booth staff at a show approaches only one out of 28 attendees.

While exhibitor training is an absolute must before any show, and may help to improve the skills of your team, the job of attracting visitors to your booth may be better left to the professionals who do this for a living— “the booth attractors”.


Clients and prospects are looking for the ‘wow’ factor and want to be really stimulated when they visit a show nowadays. It really is worth investing that bit extra to employ the services of a great display attractor who is unique, exciting and engaging. They must be relevant to who you are and what your booth activity is. Their job is to create buzz, excitement, and get visitors onto your exhibit, so you can concentrate your efforts on winning your prospects and sealing deals with your clients.



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