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Lions, tigers and... oh my!

by Nomadic Display 14. April 2010 02:14
Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Washington with a bright blue sky, warm sunshine and cool, dry air...the first taste of Spring. My husband and I wanted to spend the afternoon outdoors, get a little exercise and reconnect with our inner child. So we decided to pop the top on the Miata and drive down to the National Zoo.

An hour later we were at the Panda pavilion. Mei Xiang, our expectant mother, was snoozing in the sun in a corner spot making it difficult to see her.

Next we headed over to the elephant house. It was undergoing construction...we wondered where elephants, hippos and giraffes go while their home is being renovated? We walked around to see the gorillas and then the big cats.... lions, tigers.

9_20_07_zoo1 9_20_07_zoo2

Went down to watch the sea lions show off their superior swimming and sunbathing skills.


The sounds of live entertainment grew louder as we approached the center of the park. Vendors were selling crafts and refreshments. Imagine my surprise when we came upon a US Dept of Agriculture tent with an Instand display! The giant graphic was an illustration promoting nutrition. As you can see it certainly did its job attracting youngsters.


In my twenty-four years with Nomadic, I have to admit it wasn't my first surprise encounter with a Nomadic display. Instand shows up everywhere...even at the Zoo! No wonder it’s the most popular portable in the world.

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