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Knocking out the knock-offs: How do you choose the right pop-up in today's market?

by Nomadic Display 6. May 2010 00:43
I was speaking with a new salesperson recently about all the changes happening throughout the pop-up segment of our industry. Imports driving prices down. Consolidation. Relationships between Manufacturer, Distributor and Customers torn down and then reinventing themselves. The Internet — the only constant seen throughout the past 30 years is the presence of change itself.

After a few minutes of what was probably a boring history lesson for this young salesperson, I was intrigued by his first question— if the pop-up market is getting more and more aggressive in lowering costs, why is Nomadic launching accessories that seem to add to the average cost of a pop-up display? Excellent question, I told my young squire.

The vast majority of today’s pop-up displays – and there are dozens if not hundreds that I can see, are being marketed as one thing and one thing only… large graphic backwalls with little more functionality than providing its owner with a temporary, portable billboard. If that is how all pop-ups are being judged, then why WOULDN’T a savvy buyer want to buy the lowest priced version that provides that capability?
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In order to answer the salespersons query, I had to go back to my history lesson. More than 34 years ago, when Nomadic’s founder, Ted Ziegler, invented the world’s first pop-up display system, he over-engineered it. Back in 1975, Ted wasn’t trying to make a graphic backwall. Ted was trying to make portable buildings. These portable buildings (temporary field hospitals for the military) would require stability and strength while still offering ease and speed of set-up. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s Ted’s original engineering that provides Instand the strength to support more weight than any other pop-up on the market. This over-abundance of strength has allowed Nomadic to recently develop a line of new accessories for the Instand that transform “a simple graphic backwall” into a multi-functional display system that just happens to be lightweight and easy to set-up.

So, I explained to the young salesperson, the reason Nomadic has launched this new line of accessories in a world of low-cost pop-ups can be summed up like this— Instand should not be judged as a pop-up display system at all. Rather, it should be judged as a highly customizable display solution that happens to come from pop-up stock.

And now you can have the world's most popular pop-up at historically low prices.
Check out our Instand accessories and foundation and see the Nomadic difference.

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