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Keep your sanity in check by bringing your survival tool kit to your next trade show event.

by Nomadic Display 9. April 2010 00:17
When I announced to my parents that they were going to be Grandparents, I received a huge, gimongous tote bag my mother called “The Mommie Bag”. 5 weeks after my son was born, I knew what that bag was for…everything including the kitchen sink. 

My first show with Nomadic was at Exhibitor in Las Vegas. I dug through my closets, found what I was looking for and soon, my Mommie Bag and me traveled to Vegas for a non-stop week of tradeshow terror.  Boy was I glad I had that bag with me. When the wrong couches were delivered, I had the order form with me to prove that I ordered…oops…the wrong ones. When the AV arrived with 3 laptops instead of 2, I had the order form to prove that I ordered… YES…2 laptops.    IStock_000005448741XSmall
That bag saved my sanity. It held extras of everything: Pens, pads, paper clips, Windex, tissues, Velcro tabs and strips, badges, business cards, water, aspirin, non-aspirin, gum, breath mints, batteries, the list goes on and on.  

And under all those business must-haves? A brand new pack of baby wipes, just in case.  

So, while packing up to go to your next trade show event, go thru your closets, grab the bag and pack it to go!

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