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In celebration of Earth Day, Nomadic continues it's green commitment.

by Nomadic Display 23. April 2010 00:28

Green-article Green may not be the hottest color in fashion today, but it’s definitely a concept that has taken businesses by storm for these past couple of years. From ads to fads, “going green” has become a creed that companies adhere to and a promise that their brands have to deliver.

And “going green” has taken on various definitions but for manufacturing, it simply means utilizing recycled materials, building recyclable products, and using environmentally friendly practices in production.

And given the growing trend in embracing “green” initiatives, Nomadic is proud to say that for more than 30 years, we have been ahead of the curve. 
We use biodegradable cardboard made from recycled materials for packaging. And Nomadic’s core products are one hundred percent recyclable -- from the aluminum frames to rotationally molded, wheeled cases. In fact, we mold the universal recyclable symbol into our Rolluxe cases.  We also recycle all of our aluminum scrap materials because recycled aluminum may be used for any product for which new aluminum is used and it's better for the environment than mining it from ore. 

Below are some additional green steps we have taken over the years:

  • We use all our fabric scraps as fillers in packing our products.
  • The gray foam we use inside our molded cases is made from recycled materials.
  • All our steel scraps are sent to recycling centers.
  • We use the maximum amount of reprocessed materials for all our plastic products.
  • We’re currently taking steps to maximize technology for our internal processes to eliminate paper in our transactions.
  • We’ve significantly reduced the use of solvent-based adhesives by switching to pressure-sensitive heating adhesive. Solvent-based adhesives are known to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to indoor and outdoor air pollution as well as damage soil and groundwater.
  • We’ve installed motion-sensing switches for our production processes that eliminate high-energy consumption. The lights at our manufacturing facility are set-up with timers for automatic on and off.

So the next time you go “green”, go with Nomadic! To read our Green Policy, click here.

Happy Earth Day!


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