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How well do you know your clients?

by Nomadic Display 15. December 2009 01:05
Marketers use the results of market research to understand the needs of their customers and marketplace, enabling them to create strategies and business plans that ultimately sell people what they want to buy.

The exhibition environment is a fantastic place to conduct any type of research. As a starting point, we all know a
show gives you a snapshot of what’s going on in your marketplace because you get a clear feeling of the mood everyone is in – an exhibition is a marketplace coming together.

If you are already committed to conducting market research then choosing to do it when you are exhibiting at an industry show gives you the opportunity of being able to talk directly to everyone you need to: clients, prospects, competitors, suppliers, the press, your industry association... Giving you a timely, cost-effective way of understanding what your industry thinks.

Conducting market research on your stand gives you the opportunity to really listen to what visitors are saying. One of the biggest anomalies of exhibiting is that, strangely, many visitors don’t seem to want to be sold to, so they avoid engaging with the exhibitors. While no visitor will want to answer a lengthy questionnaire, a short and very specific list of questions will enable you to engage with the visitor, but more importantly really listen to them.

It’s important to talk to the organizer about the market research you intend to carry out. If it is very market-focused, with the aim of gaining greater insight into your overall market and the visitor audience, the organizer will be very keen to share in the results. They may even want to contribute to the cost or at the very least create a platform for you to feed back the results in a way that will gain profile for your company. This could be in email or paper mail form to the visitor database, or a seminar presentation at next year’s event.

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