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How to get greater impact from your sponsorship investment in trade shows and events.

by Nomadic Display 5. August 2010 23:00
6a0120a6a0c966970c0133f2989440970b-500pi Sponsorships are a great way to promote your brand at events. However, measuring their effectiveness and value can present a challenge. Now there’s a new way to have massive exposure for your brand and tangible performance without monitoring and quantitative surveys. Sponsor the distribution of MingleSticks to all attendees at your next event.

MingleSticks are tremendous event buzz-builders and a great networking tool for all attendees. A MingleStick is a simple one button device akin to an electronic business card. Exchanging information is fast and fun – just point and click MingleSticks. After the event, attendees upload their mingle connections from the device to their online account that integrates with other social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  As sponsor you will have:
  • major buzz throughout the event
  • a built-in traffic driver to your booth
  • the ability to provide marketing material to all attendees on your portal
  • the viral benefits of referrals through attendees
  • performance metrics for reporting purposes including the number of MingleSticks distributed, accounts activated, etc.
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