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How do you keep your booth staff from partying all night, then showing up the next day looking like road kill?

by Nomadic Display 27. May 2010 00:16
751917_66723876 This is always a difficult one. While you don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, there is nothing worse from a visitor’s perspective than speaking to an exhibitor who is noticeably suffering from a late night. Your staff would not be allowed to get away with this in your normal work place, so why should being away at a Trade Show make it more acceptable? In fact, your booth is the shop window of your business at a Trade Show. Therefore, it becomes even more essential that none of your booth staff lets you down in this environment.

Meet with your team and be very clear about what is acceptable and what the consequences will be if the guidelines are not followed. Give everyone a goal of networking leads to collect at the show party. If you offer a small incentive to the person who collects the most, then maybe they will focus on this rather than over indulging.

When they achieve the targets you set, take them on a team night out to celebrate.

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