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How To Make Your Event INvites stand OUT

by Nomadic Display 21. October 2010 19:47


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Maximize your trade show investment by increasing traffic to your booth at each event. Your pre-show e-vite can have a significant impact on the success of your event.  Below are some tips that will get your invites opened and send people flocking to your booth

Your customer’s inbox is filled to the brim with generic corporate communications.  In fact, 80% of viewers delete their email communications after reading the FROM line paired with the subject line.  The FROM line is the single most important element in building trust with your recipient.  Many times, the FROM line is overlooked in a last minute frenzy to get the event invite out of the door and in the queue.

1)Personalize it  Ensure your e-vite gets noticed by including your sales person’s name with your company name in the FROM line. This builds a relationship with your customer while also reinforcing your brand. 

Your subject line is verbal bait to lure your customers into opening your communications.

Personalize it 
Everyone likes to hear and see their own name. So include the recipient’s name in your subject line to get your message noticed.
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2)Be authentic Clearly state the intention of your message with a sense of urgency.  Do not mislead your viewer into opening your email or you could severely damage the integrity of your brand and corporate communications.

Keep it short
  The ideal subject line is about 6 words in length.  Make sure that the most important  content in your message is in the first 15 characters. Open rates steadily decline if the subject line exceeds 6 words or 30 characters.  Any subject over 50 characters will get cut off in your prospects viewing panel so leave the least relevant for last.

Test what’s best
  Split your list into two groups – A and B.  Send each group a different subject line. Then compare the open rate for each group to determine which subject line gets opened more often.  Use the higher performing subject line in your next e-vite.

Your reply reinforces trust.

Include a signature The sales person’s name at the bottom of the email fosters familiarity and more  connected communication. 

2)Make sure they match
  Your “from” and “reply to” addresses should be the same, even if the “reply to”    emails are going to a generic inbox. A different “reply to” address will often generate suspicion in the     recipient.  If they feel misled, they will be less likely to respond and may even opt out of receiving any  further communications. 


From line: John Smith, Nomadic Display
Reply to: Jsmith@nomadicdisplay.com instead of events@nomadicdisplay.com


1)Alert sales
Make sure to inform your sales team members that their name is being included in e-vite    before it is sent out

Designate responsibility  Assign a person in Marketing or Sales to monitor the the “reply to address”    mailbox so that all responses are distributed in a timely manner

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