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Hey Batter, Batter! Nomadic lost to Apple Rock 6-9. But had the best time doing it!

by Nomadic Display 13. August 2010 23:34

WE LOST 6-9! But had a blast doing it.

Saturday was a beautiful day for both traveling and the game. The weather for once actually cooperated with us. We arrived at Triad Park which was gorgeous and just huge. We put on our team shirts, practiced for about 10 minutes and started the game.


We agreed to play seven innings but did not realize that it would go so FAST. We played the entire game in only 1 1/2 hrs. Nomadic definitely needed the other 2 innings - we didn't even score until the 5th. Does that say more about us or Apple Rock? We just needed to settle down and find our stride,
and we did score five runs in that 5th inning. But to give Apple Rock credit, they were a well-tuned team.

There was so much laughter, silly antics and good sportsmanship. We can't wait for the next game for a chance to win back our trophy.

Congratulations Apple Rock on your well deserved win! We'll beat you next time.

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