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Have you taken a detailed look at how your company is managing the valuable leads generated by your trade shows?

by Nomadic Display 3. November 2009 23:36
Odds are fairly good that you can improve the ROI on your tradeshow investments. To help you do that, here are helpful quick check tips:

Quick Check – Step 1
At the end of your next trade show, collect all leads and give them to one person to conduct follow up calls to qualify and rate the leads. This typically includes asking the following questions:

• Do you have an upcoming need for our product or service?
• Do you have a specific time frame when you will need our product or service?
• Can I schedule a time and day for a representative to follow up with you?

You then forward the leads to your sales team. Remember, it’s important that these calls are made immediately after the event. You want the event to be fresh in your prospects’ minds. You also do not want to delay delivery to your sales team.

Quick Check – Step 2
Two weeks after your leads are delivered to sales, have the same person who qualified the leads after the show follow-up again. They will call as a courtesy to make sure that potential customers have received everything they needed. While on the phone with the prospect, they will ask:

• Did they have a chance to speak with one of our representatives?
• Are they still planning on making a purchase?
• If they did make a purchase, who did they go with and why?

Utilizing the Quick Check process is a win-win for sales and management. Sales receive pre-qualified leads and possible opportunities to follow-up for an appointment.

Management, on the other hand, captures important information, including:
• Initial value of your leads
• Plans for purchase
• Sales team follow-up
• Market specific data on competitors

Once you have captured all this information, you will be able to make the adjustments necessary to maximize your trade show ROI.