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Graphic Influence: Basic Guidelines for Effective, Head-Turning Graphics!

by Nomadic Display 25. November 2009 02:32
Graphics are the workhorse of your display. Graphics attract attention, convey your message and build recognition of your brand. They also offer you the added benefit of being easily exchanged to target different market segments or updated to reflect changes in your business. Together your graphics work as a team, complementing each other, and presenting a unified, cohesive message.


To be one of your most effective communication tools on the show floor, your graphics should be easy-to-read. In general it is easier to read dark text on light background. However, the reverse would apply to backlit graphics. It is also important that your graphics are visible and legible from the distance at which they will be seen by visitors. Each graphic in your display has a role in your messaging hierarchy. There are three basic levels in this hierarchy.

First tier – Identification
Think of it as the title of your story. Your highest and largest signs should be bold, visible and easy-to-read from outside the exhibit. Most often, these carry your company name and/or logo. To be viewed from a distance of 20 ft (6m), text should be located between (2.5-5m) above the ground.

Second tier – Directional
These are the subheads of your messaging. Readable from an appropriate eye level distance, these graphics are designed to direct visitors to specific areas or product groupings within your space. Studies indicate that using graphic signage as “product indexing” can positively impact exhibit traffic and create product interest. Text should be located no higher than 6-7ft (1.8-2.1m) from the ground to remain within the average viewer’s sightline.

Third tier – Informational
This the body copy level. Bite-sized messages designed for individual consumption, they communicate specific details about your products and services.

Tip: Avoid placing text on the surfaces below 4 ft (1.2 m) high as they are more susceptible to being blocked from view by elements such as people or booth furnishings such as counters.

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