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Exhibit Design and Your Budget - Spend your way to an Effective Display

by Nomadic Display 4. March 2010 23:26
It’s important to consider how much funding to allocate to display design bearing in mind that Trade Shows are an extremely visual medium.

Custom modular displays are gaining in popularity and offer exhibitors custom-built style with the added advantage of being able to be repurposed. Components may be rearranged to offer fresh floor layouts or serve in smaller spaces and be augmented to expand into larger island venues. Many companies are spreading the budgetary impact of their display investment over several events to achieve a positive ROI on each event. Before you start the design process you should ask yourself what other spaces you want the ability to use your display in, to further leverage your investment.


Equally important are the significant savings in operational and ownership costs exhibitors realize with a custom modular display. On average, custom modular exhibits are 50-60% lighter than their custom built counterparts. Custom modular displays can be packed into fewer cases, resulting in dramatically lower shipping costs. So be upfront and direct with your display company regarding your budget. If appropriate, discuss renting your display. This option is a great value to companies who are new to exhibiting, want to test new markets or take an island space for that once-a-year national or international event.

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