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Does your pop-up allow you to straddle both worlds of portable and modular displays?

by Nomadic Display 2. September 2010 22:40
Nomadic1 For inline exhibit configurations, the critical architecture starts and ends with the wall. New solutions that combine light weight, ease of set-up and shipping, as well as eco-friendliness, are presenting designs with more wall options than ever before. Nomadic's Instand provides you the flexibility to straddle two worlds—Pop-up and Modular.

Nomadic's Instand takes its cues from the custom modular realm of solutions and branches out into a new definition—custom portable. We're seeing momentum building for these kinds of solutions because they have more style than a plain backwall and they're still cost efficient.
These base sections called Foundation assemble manually, and are available in eight colors. That gives designers the flexibility to blend the structure with graphics or extrusions.

A rail built into the Foundation allows snap-on accessories, literature holders, lighting, shelves, workstations, monitors and graphic panels to be added with ease. It all results in lots of flexibility and customization, allowing clients to change the look, feel and function of an exhibit from show to show.

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