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Does your booth staff want to rebel at having to wear the same professional uniform?

by Nomadic Display 3. June 2010 01:37
The booth dress code is a vital element of helping your team to create the right impression.

It’s a bit like turning up to a Sunday afternoon baseball game and the opposition appears sharp in matching uniforms and equipment. Without setting a foot on the field you imagine they will be a team to be reckoned with. They look impressive, organized, professional and totally prepared for the game.

Remember that you represent your company image on and off the show floor.  You are a professional.  Be aware at all times that you may be near a customer, competitor or industry associate from the time you arrive until you return home.  Whether you’re in an elevator, dining in a restaurant and especially during free time, your behavior and image is a direct reflection on your company.

Studies show that 75% of attendees prefer booth staff to wear business attire.  As long as the booth uniform is tasteful, professional and in keeping with your company image then there should be no issue. Your booth team will be visible around the show and easily identifiable to visitors. Plus there will be a greater sense of team spirit if you are all wearing the same outfit.

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