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Do you know your exhibit transportation options?

by Nomadic Display 13. April 2010 02:14
As you go through your preparations for your next trade show event, keep in mind the options you have to transport your exhibit to and from your show. Basically you have four main choices, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Common carriers
They provide transport services according to defined routes and schedules. They are less expensive and it is easy to check on your shipment’s location. However, they often make several transfers and only accept crated materials. And, if you opt for a common carrier, there is always the possibility that your exhibit equipment and materials may not be able to tolerate normal road shock.

Van lines / Specialist exhibition freight companies
They offer more specialized and personalized point-to-point service. They are equipped to handle crated or blanket-wrapped pieces, and all their trucks operate with "air-ride" or extra cushioning. Another positive point for this option is that you will have the same driver who loads and unloads shipments. The only disadvantage of exhibition freight companies is that they can be more expensive than other transportation options.
This option offers the quickest means of transportation to show sites as they are specialized airfreight forwarders. The disadvantages of airfreight are high costs, load size limitations and harsh handling techniques by airline baggage handlers. It is also important to note that airfreight brokers don’t have allegiance to any one freight or commercial airline, which may result to service inconsistency.

Courier service
FedEx, UPS and DHL fall into this category. It’s the quickest means of transportation to the show site for last minute shipments. The only drawback is the high expense.

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