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Details. Details. Details. Making sense of Installation and Dismantling.

by Nomadic Display 12. June 2010 01:38
Details, details, details.  They are very crucial in installing and dismantling your exhibit that you need to say them in your head over and over again.

Whether you have a tool-free portable display system or a large custom modular exhibit that requires an installation and dismantling (I&D) team to set up, having all the details and how you communicate them can make or break your display’s future on the show floor.

In order to prevent them from overwhelming you, start with a simple list. Your list should begin with the description, number and size of all the items and components that go with your exhibit. Make sure this information is included in each container where the items will be packed. Doing so will reduce the possibility of losing important display parts and pieces. Remember to provide the same list to your staff or to the I&D team you decide to hire for your event.

After you are done with your list, move on to drafting your I&D instructions. Your detailed set of instructions will get rid of the guesswork in assembling and disassembling your exhibit.

Include in your instructions all information about the venue’s facility—from the electrical layout to ceiling and flooring restrictions. Such information will help you save more time in setting up the wiring and lighting requirements of your exhibit.

Lastly, make it a point to be there during the I&D process to answer questions and supervise your staff or crew. And if you can’t, assign someone else from your team to be there for you.


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