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Blizzard conditions (Brrr!) in the DC metro area last week doesn't stop production.

by Nomadic Display 20. February 2010 02:03

Happy Friday!

I have one word for you...


I never thought I would say that word in conjunction with the DC Metro Area. As Nomadic endured the biggest snow storm, in DC history with 33". DC came to a standstill last week as 2 blizzards ransacked the Metro area, people stayed in doors and hunkered down with blankets and cocoa. There were snowball fights to plan, igloo's to build, icicles to avoid and tons of shoveling to do. It took us 6 hours to dig out 2 cars.

Nomadic was "officially" shut down for 4 of the 5 work days. But being a manufacturing company we still had product to produce and customers to support. I'm proud to say we have some highly dedicated people working here. To meet our firm deadlines many of our employees braved these blizzard conditions and made it into work. Here are a few photos that were taken around our building last Friday.

Stay Warm and Have a Wonderful Weekend

Nomadic snow 2010 002

Nomadic snow 2010 001

Nomadic snow 2010 004