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Are visitors tired of the same old trade show presentations? Try adding a little creativity to the mix.

by ndadmin 18. June 2010 01:05

Creating new, unique and interesting ways to delight and interact with the visitor is a challenge. The traditional approach is designing a display that effectively delivers the company’s key messages, using proactive booth staff who professionally approach visitors and capture information in anticipation of follow up. I began to question if a different method could achieve even greater results.

Nomadic was so experienced at the art of exhibiting that we had become a lead machine. Taking the traditional approach, we always had a great looking exhibit. Our staff were very well trained and we had clear objectives and targets for each show. In short, we were professional exhibitors. Then something interesting happened. We took a much bigger space at the Exhibiting Show in June, and thought we should try something different. The show research from the previous year told us visitors wanted to be excited by what they saw at the show.

We decided to split the space in two. Cautious of moving away from our traditional, yet very successful approach, we put our customary exhibit on one half of the space. For the other half, we took a much more imaginative and creative approach getting visitors to physically participate in a live visitor survey to find out ‘What sense matters most at trade shows?’ Visitors were invited to take part in the challenge of working through activities to test each sense, like putting their hands into slime and feathers for ‘touch’, and sniffing unidentified strange aromas for ‘smell’.

Part of the impact we hadn’t anticipated was how involved the visitors would be, and we know they left this part of our booth feeling we had interacted with them, not just processed them.

The results were fantastic. Not only did we exceed our lead goals, but we secured appointments from 34 percent of the leads, having only expected 10 percent conversion. Since then we have been brave enough to ditch our traditional approach entirely, and just use the ‘What sense matters most’ exhibit. Creativity has really produced great results for us in various ways. We have gained considerable PR and media coverage, we won our first ever ‘Best of Show’ and our staff have enjoyed working in the booth so much their enthusiasm has been re-ignited. Best of all, we have not just taken more leads overall, but they are proving to be of better value.