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6 tips to put you on the cutting edge without cutting corners for your next trade show

by Nomadic Display 30. March 2010 20:14
More often than not, exhibitors find themselves at a dilemma when it comes to cost management. At least one component of the event gets the budget cut. But what exhibitors don’t often think about is that a “ budget cut” in one aspect of their event-marketing program, may cost them even more in the end. That’s why nothing beats proper planning when it comes to exhibiting.

Let me share with you some tips that will help you save money without cutting corners:

1. Establish a list of key dates and activities. Push due dates back a month so that you always meet your deadlines.

2. Produce all of your pre-show mailings at the same time to save on printing expenses rather than printing several times throughout the year.

3. Consider lightweight custom modular displays that can be reconfigured easily for different spaces. Such displays are easy to set up and pack compactly enabling you to save on storage and shipping costs.

4. Design and produce your graphics ahead of time to avoid overtime or rush charges. Have someone proofread your copy to avoid change charges. And don’t scrimp on shipping containers for your graphics—re-doing damaged graphics can be expensive.

5. Pre-order show services at least 10-30 days prior to the show–electrical, phones, cleaning services, etc. The floor price is often 10-20% higher. Order more wattage than needed so you don’t risk an electrical breakdown and then have to pay a higher floor price.

6. Schedule setting up during straight time and avoid weekends and overtime hours as much as possible as it can cost up to twice as much. If possible, use your own personnel to set up your display.

For more tips and advice, download our Guide to Successful Exhibiting.