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5 Tips for Breaking International Market Barriers

by Nomadic Display 8. April 2010 02:20
International exhibiting is more than conquering unfamiliar markets. It’s about bridging gaps and forging ties with your target clients right on their own turf. But before you roll up your sleeves and start packing for your event, check out these valuable tips and advice:

1.    Know different forms of business etiquette
Know your audience and how to greet and address them. Formality is the norm for most cultures, using titles rather than first names.

2.    Treat business with respect
The business card is like a passport showing status and identity. Give the same respect to a person’s card as you would the person. Study the cards you are given. Never write notes on them, fold or even shove them in your pocket.

3.    Be prepared for foreign visitors
English is the language of international business, but decide whether you need to have an interpreter available.

4.    Understand the decision-making process
When you exhibit internationally, consider that the way decisions are handled can differ greatly from region to region. For example, in Asian countries, decision-making starts from the lower levels in an organization and works its way up the ladder. Decisions are usually made collectively and the process is often slow and thorough. In Europe, top-level management attends shows expecting to place orders. They want to deal with their counterparts in your company. They expect to discuss technical details and will often want to close major deals at the show.

5.    Build relationships
Take time to build relationships through personal contact. It may take several appearances at trade shows before your company is taken seriously.

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