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4 Tips to Drilling Down Your Social Media Platforms

by ndadmin 2. November 2010 21:18

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Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Foursquare are enjoying widespread adoption by event and exhibit marketers.  The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) recently reported that event professionals are projected to spend more time than ever engaging buyers through social media outreach .  A full one-third of event marketers are already spending an average of six hours per week on driving their promotions through social media channels. Social media will help you achieve your goals and gain invaluable customer loyalty.   Before your next event, put on your hard hats and keep these tips in mind

ONE: Be in the right place
Your target audience is not going to be immsersed in every social media site. Determine which platforms your audience is involved in and spread your message accordingly.

TWO: Craft relevant communications
Provide value to your readers that is both brief and to the point.  Think quality over quantity.  For your SEO benefit, incorporate top keywords that link back to your website which can in turn improve your search engine rankings.  Additionally, using your keywords as hash tags on Twitter will expand the reach of your messaging.

THREE: Tune in
Responding to comments is the basis of a two-way communication. It’s essential that you cultivate your online relationships by engaging with your target audience.  Even a simple “@______ thank you” shows that their connection is valuable to you.

FOUR: Evaluate Find out how to can take your event results to the next level by reading our white paper
Monitor your social media performance by pulling simple metrics such as, visits to your corporate website from social sites (via referral) using Google Analytics and aggregate click rates through Bit.ly,.

Create streams based on your top keywords to monitor conversations pertaining to your audience. you can create keyword streams in various social media dashboards such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite

Keeping in mind the above best practices, you should be able to resonate with customers and will see both soft and hard results such as: increased brand
awareness, enriched relationships with clients and prospects, additional press coverage, increased event attendance, increased booth traffic, and even increased sales as direct results of social campaigns.