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3 Tips to Improving Lead Management at Your Next Show

by Nomadic Display 5. October 2010 20:48
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Are You LEADing the Way in Lead Management?

With the tradesho
w season in full swing, event marketers are having to wear more hats than ever; post show event analysis is one of the many duties that exhibitors are adding to their expanding event marketing agendas. Lead management is a driving factor in effectively evaluating your event performance. With 74% of exhibitors measuring their event performance on leads collected at events, it is imperative that you have an effective means of lead management before you kick off your next event.

Below are some ways that you can optimize your tradeshow lead management so that follow up is streamlined and intuitive. Adopting the below best practices will ensure when it comes time for reporting ROI to upper management, you have results  that support your continuing marketing efforts.

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1) Be the LEADer
Lead retrieval systems will save you time and money from keypunching business card information later. Business cards, although portable and handy can
be easily misplaced so, if you find yourself with a hand full them, take a minute to staple the business cards to pre printed lead forms.

2) Learn to Score
Sales and Marketing too often play “hot potato” with lead management and follow up.  There is a consensus of frustration among marketers and sales teams alike regarding post show lead follow up.  Collaboratively developing a lead scoring system will alleviate the sometimes daunting task of lead follow up and will prioritize action items for the sales division.

3) Stick to your Guns
Whether it’s Sales or Marketing, determine who is responsible for post show follow up and what method of communications will be implemented (personal email – from sales, post show mailers, personal phone calls and/or automated emails from Marketing)

Additionally, the sooner you follow up on tradeshow leads the better; reaching out to leads directly after event tear down (before their inboxes fill up with automated email communications from competitors) shows that you’re dedicated and sensitive to your customer’s unique requirements. 

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