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A Roadmap to Your New Trade Show Booth

by Gwen Parsons 4. November 2015 19:08

So it’s time to get a new exhibit. Like buying a car, the thought may illicit emotions ranging from delightful excitement to sheer panic. As buyers, our satisfaction with a purchase experience can be based on a variety of factors from personnel to the process and ultimately the product itself. For me as a consumer, it starts with one simple question... was it what I expected?

Great customer service is about making and keeping promises. We believe our customers are best served by knowing what to expect. So we created an infographic map of the buying journey for our customers. It starts with the initial research phase and charts the path all the way through to the follow-up after-the-sale.

If you are a first-time buyer, you may pick up a few pointers on what awaits you. If you’re a veteran buyer, you may find value in comparing it to your experience. Download the infographic for your own use and feel free to share it with coworkers and colleagues.

We’re always grateful to receive comments from our customers about our service. Many of them are posted to our website in our client gallery.

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is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


Social Media Strategies to Stand Out at Trade Shows

by Gwen Parsons 26. August 2014 18:38

Photo courtesy of Exhibitor Magazine

Social media can play a key role in your trade show marketing when used before, during and after your trade shows. Through the use of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, you can enhance your trade show experience, augment your results, and allow trade show attendees to:

  • Locate real-time information about new products and services to see at the show.
  • Put your trade show display on their “must see” list.
  • Network with other attendees.

Before the Show

It is important to plan ahead to integrate social media into your trade show marketing strategy. Get your sales and marketing team involved in creating a calendar of activities, and use hashtags, blogs and online communities to build anticipation for the show. A successful social media plan includes:

  • A timeline that details frequency, content for each post, when it will be initiated and by whom to keep your audience engaged, and help visitors connect to social media channels.
  • Joining groups and registering as an exhibitor on Apps created by your show organizers.
  • Creating event pages to promote your participation at shows.
  • Setting clear guidelines for what is considered appropriate for staff members who will be involved in posting.

During the Show

As attendees browse the trade show floor, they’ll be doing so with phone- or tablet-in-hand; they’ll be Facebooking, tweeting and Instagramming in real time, and you should be, too:

  • Assign one individual to check-in on channels periodically to monitor progress and respond to replies. Doing so will free up your booth staff, allowing them to focus on interacting with visitors and promoting your products and/or services.
  • Encourage fans and followers to check-in and receive a reward.
  • Host a Tweetup in your booth, and sponsor special activities or giveaways for everyone who attends.
  • Post photos of your trade show display at the event, or video testimonials of customers visiting your booth.

After the Show

Your trade show experience doesn’t have to end when the exhibit hall doors close. Social media allows you to continue to promote interaction with your brand:

  • Blog the highlights of your show experience: Keynote presentations, conference topics, and industry trends.
  • Keep the conversation going, and include even the individuals who were unable to attend your trade show. Offer slide decks or promotional materials for download.

Stand out. Make yourself known, and drive traffic to your trade show booth using social media channels; and hey, more traffic means more new business opportunities.

Uncover other tips, tricks and ideas with our guide to Social Media for Trade Shows and Events.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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Free Publicity for Your Trade Shows and Events

by Gwen Parsons 14. June 2013 01:18

Social media is a great way to boost the promotion of your participation in trade shows and events. It doesn't require any allocation from your promotion budget to use, aka FREE, and offers the added potential benefit to go viral, aka BONUS Distribution! However, social media does require time which equals manpower. So get your team together to review the overall marketing plan and brainstorm ways to make the most of social media to publicize your event. Go through each phase of the event - before, during and after. Define what messages you want to post to which site(s), the photos and videos you plan to use or need to capture, and when you want to release them.

Here are a few ideas that may help get you started.


LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter, are all great places to start promoting your event. Make sure to include the date, time, location and your booth number if its a trade show. Use this opportunity to give your audience a sneek peek of your plans - engagement activities including contests or drawings, sponsorships, new products, special offers and giveaways, even hospitality. Add your own hashtag or the official one for the event to any tweets you publish that reference the event or your presence there. Include the hashtag on your website and invitations to make people aware of it.  Ask your target audience to follow you and share the content you release, too.


There's really no limit to how creative you can get with social media interactions during the event. For example, with your hashtag or the event's hashtag, you can invite followers to gather for a Tweet Up at a specific time. Tell them why they should come and make it feel exclusive.  Ask them to join you to see a demo, meet a special guest, receive a surprise gift or just enjoy some refreshments and network. Create a Foursquare location for your booth, and offer specials to people who check in there, or use the tips function to create clues for a scavenger hunt. Upload photos taken during the event to Instagram so people can see what's happening in real time. When visitors arrive, encourage them to add you on Facebook, Twitter, or any of their favorite social network sites.


Don't overlook the potential for promotion after your trade show or event. Upload video clips from the event to YouTube, post photos on Facebook, or write a blog post. Send out your "thank you for visiting us" message with an invitation for recipients to post their photos and tag themselves. Remember to continue using your hashtags on tweets because people who attended the event like to check those threads after the event.

Social media can be part of an integrated campaign strategy to publicize your presence at trade shows and events. For more social media tips and ideas, download our free guide now!


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Using RFID Technology to Enhance Face-to-Face Events

by Gwen Parsons 26. April 2013 17:54

As exhibitors, we're always looking for ways to provide our visitors with the best possible experience interacting with our brand. RFID technology may be able to help us create more engaging and individualized experiences.

Imagine issuing wristbands to guests at an event that allows them to have their photo taken and automatically uploaded to their Facebook page and your company fan page. Sunglass Hut did just that at the launch party for their retail store in South Africa. The viral aspect of reaching more people through social networks helped generate buzz about the event and new store.

Take a moment to consider the potential for using RFID at your trade shows and events to engage people and boost your marketing signal. Offer a wearable item to automatically check your visitor into Foursquare, which in turn prompts a tweet about the event or your trade show display. Distribute smart cards to visitors to link to their favorite social media site and scan touch points to "like" a product or program. RFID tags can be used to greet visitors by name, trigger videos, change lighting or start music. You can even set up cameras with sensors to note when a number of RFID tags are in the vicinity to take photos of groups. Think Disney park experience. All the attendee has to do is enjoy your content or the event, the RFID chips do the rest for them and for you.

Keep a close eye on what's happening with RFID. Some experts point out that, over the next couple of years, RFID will become cheaper and more efficient at holding information using less power. Researchers are working on ways to print RFID tags on less expensive materials like paper or plastic using inks embedded with an antenna and electrodes.

What experience have you had with RFID at events?


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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Trade Show

by Nomadic Display 18. October 2012 17:45


Even in this age of technology, trade shows are thriving because they offer in-person, face-to-face communication. You meet people, learn about their needs, and show them how you can help them. So why not leverage the power of internet communication and technology, before and after the show? You may have the most enticing and interesting trade show display at the show, but its incumbent on you to drive people to your booth.


Twitter really can’t be underestimated as a tool for getting the word out about the show and your booth, but you have to be smart about how you promote, or your messages will simply get eaten up. Hashtagging your tweets helps a lot – using the agreed upon hashtag for the event will help people filter content, and will make sure that your tweets are getting to the people you want to reach – those who will be attending the event.

As for tweet content, make your booth sound worth visiting! Tell your audience about any special promotions you’ll be running on the day of the event, especially things like prize giveaways that require them to visit your booth. You can also mention any special product launches or other information you’ll be premiering at the show, to get people interested.


When you get to the venue on the day of the event, make sure you check in at the venue on Foursquare, and crosspost that check-in to both Twitter and Facebook. Get the ball rolling by adding tips on the venue page that are related to your booth and will encourage people to visit you. As attendees check in, they can read your tips and add your booth to their “must see” list. Make the effort to draw them in with exciting offers, or even games. You can use tips to provide clues for activities like scavenger hunts for prizes, which are always popular.


Facebook is a great tool before and after the show. You can use it for promotion beforehand much in the same way as Twitter, but you can also use it afterwards to post photos from the event and continue to speak with your audience in a more informal matter. Encourage your booth visitors to follow you on Facebook so they can keep up-to-date with the latest developments, or ask you any questions they may have down the line.

For more tips on using social media for trade shows, check out this post on social media platforms.



How To Maximize Your Video Efforts On The Show Floor

by Nomadic Display 17. November 2011 18:16

Lights, Camera, Action!!We talked before about how to use video on the show floor and the steps to take before launching your brand in the limelight.  Once you get on the show floor, video gear in hand, below are show smart video production tips from experts. Remember, your video doesn’t have to be perfectly polished to go viral.

FIRST: The video production 411
Video is the perfect platform to secure a product testimonial at a trade show and communicate complex ideas.  Generally video should do the following to your brand:

  • Deliver value and relevancy
  • Increase brand engagement
  • Enliven your product/services
  • Build brand reputation

SECOND: Establish your video goals
Make sure before you interview prospects, to come up with questions that will prompt the answers that you are looking for and will have interviewees communicating your product in the most accurate light.  If a customer makes a couple of blunders here and there, don’t sweat it, you can always edit them out later.

THIRD: Getting booth visitors to talk the talk
In addition to capturing lively snap shots of prospects and customers engaging with your brand, after information packed product demos or booth seminars, make sure to set-up an interview with booth visitors on their experience with your products/brand/services in exchange for a product discount or a premium giveaway. Later you can repurpose the video and include it in your corporate website and social media channels.

FOURTH: What your testimonial should be
A brief endorsement by satisfied customers that adds validity to your claim and casts your product/services as a “must have” for businesses. If you make video edits on a customer’s testimonial make sure to run the final take by the interviewee one last time before implementing it in any of your online campaigns; the last thing you want to do is misconstrue their endorsement of your product/services. 

FIFTH: Keep it real
As you interview booth visitors let them vent about their top challenges and pain points specifically addressing how your solution alleviates those challenges. You want your target audience to identify with them and their testimonial.

SIXTH: Watch the clock
Any interview exceeding 4 minutes is simply too lengthy for viewers and will lead to a high abandon rate. A solution to this limitation is segmenting your footage into themed chapters so that it’s easier for viewers to digest. According to Brightcove, the optimum length for videos is 4minutes and 50 seconds, anything over this is too long for the average viewer to stay focused. 

SEVENTH: Have “winning” footage
Other ways to use video in your trade show marketing lineup is to interview your grand prize winner on how they plan on using your product/prize in their day to day business practices, their feelings about being selected as the Grand Prize winner and what value they have taken away from visiting your booth.  You can recycle this footage as a promotional piece for your invite for the following year.
EIGHTH: Socialize your trade show footage
Post your video footage to your blog and social channels (FB, LI, TW,YT) in real time so your followers will FEEL like they were there. According to Brightcove, Facebook is the highest referrer of video meaning that video has the potential to go viral the fastest on FB over any other social media channel. But it’s important to post first where you feel most of your audience is, whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

NINETH: Measure your way to video success
Like any other online marketing initiative, you want to account for your successes and failures, providing upper management with essential analytics that support your video production efforts (especially if you’re out sourcing video editing). There are basic metrics that you can easily use to measure video performance such as views on YouTube, and Impressions and Feedback on Facebook.  But, if you want to dig deeper and have the budget, there are fee based services provided by Brightcove , Tubemogul and Adobe web analytics that can help you optimize your video footage for SEO and provide more in-depth back end analytics (such as abandon rates, click rates etc.).

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An Exhibitors Must Have Guide on Social Media

by Nomadic Display 19. October 2011 18:11

It’s here! We invite you to be the first to download our newest and most anticipated social media ebook: "Tune in Turn on and Take off with Social Media For Trade Shows and Events". In our information packed ebook you’ll learn how to harness the power of social media to promote live events. Our special ebook educates exhibitors on the tremendous value that social media can bring to the trade show and events space.

Use social media to enliven your brand on the show floor, entice your target audience to take immediate action and influence future purchasing decisions. Our all encompassing information packed guide provides a comprehensive look at: how various social media applications can accelerate live event performance, top tips for boosting booth traffic, strategic methods for building your social network and more

Both social media veterans and newbies alike will appreciate this all inclusive ebook that targets traditional marketing efforts and how to streamline them with social media to maximize results. Event Marketers can begin reaping the rewards of increased brand exposure by downloading - Tune, Turn on and Take off With Social Media for Live Events.

So, Claim your copy now!

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How To Kick Some Booth With Your Photo Booth

by Nomadic Display 21. September 2011 18:07

A printed photo strip with Facebook account information promoting the event: EA Play

Trade show attendees love trade show giveaways.  Your job is to make your giveaway stand apart from the rest, deliver value to the recipient and work as a living PR piece for your brand.  If you need a unique and effective marketing tool on the show floor that’ll create buzz and attract more visitors to your trade show display, consider photo booths.  What makes a photo souvenir special is that your visitor is the star and people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy having their picture taken.

What Does It Do For My Brand?

Photo souvenirs are nifty for a few reasons:
  • A photo booth draws long lines of visitors to your trade show display which gives you an opportunity to promote your products/services while guests are waiting.
  • A photo booth offers your audience a fun souvenir of the event combined with a snap shot of your brand.
  • Photo booths create excitement and buzz around your brand. 

Take their photo against a branded backdrop (below) or a green screen so that a background image may be added. Print them instantly in your trade show booth or post them to a website for visitors to download and share after the trade show.

A branded photo booth and backdrop incorporated into the trade show booth

We interviewed one firm that offers a photo booth service to exhibitors.  Mike Limatola, Founder of Recorded Memories, explains that their digital portraiture machines, aka photo booths, provide a unique and effective way to generate leads, collect email addresses, promote websites and social networking pages that attendees may otherwise be reluctant to share. 

First - We work directly with exhibitors by determining their overall business goals and objectives. 
Second - We implement a photo strategy that will effectively put their product, service, message, and branding in the hands of hundreds or thousands of visitors.
Third - We then provide the equipment at the show and our employees attract guests to the trade show booth. Then we instantly provide visitors with a personal snap shot that creates a long lasting branded impression.
Fourth - We place all of the pictures on a unique landing page which gives attendees’ rapid photo access so they can email and share their pictures with: friends, family and business colleagues.  This provides long lasting marketing benefits because branded photos have the potential to go viral.

How Do I Measure Performance?
Providing measurable results is crucial to gauge the effectiveness of any marketing strategy and is important to provide upper management. Branded photos can be measured in a variety of different ways: 

  • Post your photos to a landing page on your website to measure page activity during and after the event.
  • Add your Facebook or Twitter account information to the photo and measure your additional fans and followers after the event.
  • Incorporate a unique offer code on the photo and measure the corresponding coupons or discounts redeemed after the show to measure sales.
  • Compare booth traffic or leads at events with and without the photo booth to help justify your promotional investment.

No matter what your goals or objectives are for each trade show, souvenir photos can be a great way to attract and engage with booth visitors.  Prospects leave with a positive impression of your company and take home a branded reminder they can enjoy until they're ready to make a purchasing decision which may be long after the event.


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Exhibitors, Take Our Quick Survey And Your Next Trip To Starbucks is on Us

by Nomadic Display 2. August 2011 20:42


The use of social media marketing in conjunction with face-to-face events continues to rise. According to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, 70% of exhibit and event marketers are using social media as a real time promotional tool; this explosive growth rate has prompted us to  prepare another in our series of Special Reports and we'd like to get your input on this hot topic.

Please take our quick 10 question survey.  The first 10 survey contributors will receive a gift card to enjoy a FREE Starbucks beverage of your choice.  Additionally you'll be one of the few to receive our report before its made available to the general public.


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Top LinkedIn No No's That You Didn't "No" About

by Nomadic Display 12. May 2011 18:41

At some point in your professional career you’ve probably joined 100,000,000 other users on LinkedIn to connect with business colleagues, partners and prospects.  While there are free and fee based options to promote yourself and your brand, here are some commonly overlooked rules to keep in mind when using your personal LinkedIn account for business development.

"No" Your Limit
Contrary to popular belief there IS a limit on the number of invitations you can send from your LinkedIn account.  Your lifetime limit is 3,000 invites per account and it’s limited to sending 50 invites at a time.

"No" The Invite Skivvy
When/if you exceed your limit you may contact Customer Service to request an increase in your threshold of invites.  LinkedIn developed invite limitations in an effort to deter wide spread spamming common with other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn grants additional invitations based on a ratio of acceptances to the quantity of invites you have sent out.  If your acceptance rate is low you will be granted an extra 100 invites but if your acceptance rate is high you'll be granted an additional 500.  You may solicit Customer Service for additional invitation allocations 30 days after your previous request.

"No" Your Groups 
As a LinkedIn user you are limited to joining no more than 50 groups.  So join groups that are relevant to your business, where you can leave comments in the group feed that offer value to members.  When you join a group, be mindful not to be an aggressive self promoter, it's not considered good LinkedIn etiquette.  A softer sell approach is to link back to your blog or web assets in your group comment feed so other group members can easily familiarize themselves with your brand when/if they choose to.

“No” Your Personal Group
If you decide to create your own group, know that LinkedIn limits members to 20,000 per group. After you exceed the 20,000 member limit, LinkedIn may choose to lift the member restriction pending investigation of your group account. The same invitation quantity and additional allocation request rules that apply to personal LinkedIn accounts (above) also apply to groups.

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