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Your Must See List for Exhibitor

by Nomadic Display 24. March 2011 18:20

As the eve of Exhibitor quickly approaches us, we invite you to be our special VIP guest.  Join us in booth 1745 at the industries largest exhibit hall and you’ll get the latest scoop on new product innovations, partners and peers.  Make sure to pack up your trade show challenges and bring them to Nomadic Display® where we’ll unleash our Show Smart team of experts on your most daunting dilemmas.  We’ll also show you how these fresh, new solutions will help you Stand Apart at your next trade show or special event:

•    Custom Rental presentations that make a bigger impact on a smaller budget
•    Custom Modular exhibits that expand or contract to serve multiple demands
•    Custom Portable displays that save time and boost your bottom line

Drop by our gravity-defying exhibit #1745 comprised of cascading fabric structures that appear to float midair and don’t forget to claim your complimentary gift and enter our Grand Prize Drawing for a HangTen display, valued at $3,000.  It’s a Show Smart Sensation! 

Maximize your time to meet people, grow and learn; by attaching to our social media channels you’ll receive real time updates on the show floor on our grand prize drawing, tweet ups and more!

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Nomadic Takes on EuroShop with Stand Apart Style

by Nomadic Display 7. March 2011 22:40

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EuroShop is a must see event for more than 100,000 attendees seeking exhibit design and construction, event management, lighting, flooring, visual marketing, sales promotion, point-of-sale, shop fitting, store furnishings....even information and retail security technology. Accommodating 1,900 exhibitors "takes a village" which is why this exhibition occupies 17 halls in 19 buildings! 

Nomadic Display has been an exhibitor at EuroShop since 1987. As an international organization, we're uniquely capable of producing dynamic selling environments - - from conception to completion - - on both sides of the Atlantic. EuroShop 2011 gave us another opportunity to collaborate on a global scale. Our German office managed the event.  Our Irish team created the custom trade show display, adapting a US concept. And our UK group printed the trade show booth graphics. The result was a vibrant trade show exhibit that reflected current design trends, the evolution of our industry leading legacy products, and our newest product innovations .

For dramatic effect, a printed fabric ring structure hung above a printed fabric crossed arch. A glass bubble chandelier suspended from the center of the ring structure, acrylic bubble stools and effervescent bubble graphic imagery delivered a touch of whimsy to the cool white atmosphere. 

Visitors were greeted by wide screen monitors positioned at the front of the arch featuring a portfolio of Nomadic’s most recent and impressive projects on continuous loop. A semi-circular reception bar placed visitors at the center of it all atop a bold graphic floor.  The wall behind the reception bar featured a map of Nomadic’s robust network of showrooms located around the world and cleverly concealed a storage room.  Wide screen monitors flanking the map offered Internet access for one-on-one website-driven sessions.

Distribution partners from 14 countries were on hand in our trade show booth to greet hundreds of visitors from 50 different countries. If you were one of them - THANK YOU!  But in case you missed us or couldn't attend the show, watch our latest home video and you’ll feel like you were there.

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Nomadic Stands Behind NFL's Roger Goodell

by Nomadic Display 7. February 2011 18:50


We could all feel the tension heat up in the Press Room this past Friday as Top NFL players sounded off to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. But, did you notice the sleek branded environment that stood behind the Commissioner? Yep that’s right, another one of our industry leading Broadcast set designs.


Producers select Nomadic displays for their unique ability to meet the special demands of traveling events. Nomadic displays are ultra portable and ship from location to location inexpensively. Nomadic’s mobile set designs are engineered for easy set-up by untrained professionals and can be custom tailored with high definition graphics to serve as branded platforms.

Check out our entertainment page to see more broadcast sets we’ve produced
For high profile entertainment companies

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Nomadic Kicks Off The Super Bowl XLV

by Nomadic Display 3. February 2011 19:41

Whether you’re a cheese head cheering on the Packers or rooting for the Steelers, be sure to catch Nomadic's second set design for the NFL Network this Friday, Feb 4th at 7pm!  Nomadic's portable display will appear behind renowned NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, as he reflects on this season's triumphs and league challenges.

(ABOVE: The graphic backwall that will appear behind Roger Goodell as he gives his speech)

While Nomadic ushers in the 45 Annual Super Bowl, you can prepare to tantalize your tastebuds with our exclusive Super Bowl Sunday Salsa Recipe.

Super Bowl Sunday Salsa
(1) 16oz Jar of Hot Salsa
(1) 4oz  Can Sliced Black Olives
(1) 16oz  Tub of Sour Cream
(1) 16oz Bag of Mozzarella Cheese
(1) Super Size Bag of Tostitos Chips

 FYI: This dish should be put in the oven 20 minutes prior to the kick-off of your favorite NFL team. The timing will allow for ample cooling so the dish will be ready to be consumed.

• Preheat the oven to 450°
• Spread your sour cream evenly on the bottom of the glass baking dish
• Spread salsa evenly over sour cream
• Sprinkle sliced olives evenly over Salsa
• Evenly distribute mozzarella cheese on top of the salsa and olives
• Place in oven for approximately 15 minutes or until cheese has a slight bubbling characteristic 

Stay tuned next Thursday for Exhibiting Magic -13 Awesome Quick Tradeshow Fixes written by Industry visionary, Susan Friedmann

Nomadic Gets A Green Thumbs Up From Exhibitor Magazine

by Nomadic Display 26. January 2011 00:13

In the January issue of Exhibitor Magazine, Nomadic was featured in Green on The Go, where Exhibitor spotlighted green trade show displays that are environmentally friendly, as well as budget friendly. Our top-of-the-line Instand® system was showcased as number 1 on the list for being the ULTIMATE custom portable solution for Exhibitors looking to ride the “Green Wave”.  Instand® earned its Green Badge because it has the following unmatched Green assets to help your company thrive:

Solid Framework
The Instand®  frame is made of 80 – 100% recycled aluminum and is backed by a industry leading Lifetime Warrenty so that you can get unlimited use out of your custom portable display for the duration of its lifetime.

We Imprint on Graphic Printing

Instand’s® graphic printing process offers brilliant graphics that are eco friendly in their use of water-soluble ultra violet inks, a paperless ink transfer system, and an infrared ink curing system that eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds. Our graphic panels have the capacity to be switched out and give exhibitors maximum display versatility without having to invest in a new unit.

Ship Ship Horrray

Nomadic’s rotationally molded shipping cases are fabricated of 100% recyclable material. Compact and lighter in weight, Instand® may be checked in a RollOne shipping case as airline luggage.  Instand will save you on shipping, leaving less of a carbon footprint. 

Instand®: the Fabric of Your Brand

While the Instand® featured in Exhibitor Magazine is accented with Inkjet graphic panels and endcaps, optional Velcro® compatible FabriColor panels may be substituted or combined with the Inkjet Graphic panels to suit different audiences, eliminating the need for two units.  

Additionally, FabriColor material is eco friendly in that it is made of  Eco-fi™ fabric, which contains polyester that is 80-100% certified, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Go Green with Nomadic Display
We don’t stop there, one of our recent clients, Oldcastle Architectural, came to us for a trade show display that needed to satisfy sustainable building standards for Greenbuild 2010. Nomadic produced a hybrid solution that that met the clients unique request and incorporated recycled products and materials… click here to read more 

Download our Rentals whitepaper and see how Nomadic can make your exhibit program a leader in the Green Rush


Nomadic Stands Behind The Stars For The 10th Season of American Idol

by Nomadic Display 18. January 2011 21:34


American Idol Season 4 (above)

American Idol kicks off its 10th season tomorrow night, meaning almost a decade has gone by of Simon’s scathing critique, making and breaking Hollywood hopefuls.  As we usher in the 10th season of Idol with a fresh panel of judges from the likes of JLO to Aerosmith’s, Steven Tyler, Nomadic continues to stand behind the stars of tomorrow.  Nomadic displays are providing both structural and emotional support for thousands of contestants as they audition.

American Idol Season 9 (above)

Our custom mobile set designs have debuted as branded backwalls for contestants on American Idol for 9 years now and continue to be an integral marketing asset for Idol. Our mobile set designs easily pack and ship to other audition locations, giving new meaning to: “getting the show on the road”.

American Idol Season 9 (above)

The American Idol set designs join other television mobile sets produced by Nomadic Display.  Visit our entertainment gallery to see other branded backwalls we have produced for the likes of:  NFL, Fox Sports and more!

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Nomadic Kicks Off Thursday Night Football

by Nomadic Display 12. November 2010 20:46


You’ve seen us on Sunday Night Football on the Fox Sports Network, now you can catch us in the end zone, Thursday nights on the exclusive NFL Network. Our radiant blue set design made its anticipated appearance on last night’s nail biting game between the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons.  We were in on the action as commentators hustled to give a detailed play by play. 

NFL spotted the vivid yellow sets designs that we produced for Fox Sports and were pumped to get a set design of their very own.  The Nomadic Solutions Studio geared up to create a unique custom set that offers unrivaled graphic impact, easy set up and shipping.

The NFL set joins other broadcast television custom sets by Nomadic Display including: Fox Sports, American Idol, America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent, and X Factor; Check out how these creative organizations are putting their Nomadic environments to work on pages 14 & 15.

If you missed seeing us this Thursday you can catch us next Thursday on the NFL Network. See you there!