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The Portable Display: 5 Reasons It Might Be Exactly What You Need

by Nomadic Display 7. November 2018 16:51

Massive trade shows with gigantic displays and big budgets are the backbone of our industry. But what if you also need to be more flexible with a self-contained display unit that anyone can assemble for your small shows or local events? Nomadic solves your portability problem with the affordable Pop-Up and Portable Fabric displays.



  • 1. Cost: Portable displays are extremely affordable and less expensive to maintain and repair than larger modular or custom booths.
  • 2. Flexibility: promotional tours, recruiting, smaller trade shows, conferences, corporate functions and unexpected sales opportunities call for the ability to put your display into the truck and go.
  • 3. Quick Turnaround: do you need a display booth in a hurry? Nomadic can produce a portable display - banner stand, pop-up or fabric system - in no time with beautiful printed graphics and even the ability to add some stand out accessories like shelving, monitors, tablet stands, backlighting and more.
  • 4. Branding/Image Changes: the beauty of a portable system is that they allow you to quickly swap out graphics while keeping the framework the same. Our most popular FabLite system even offers dual branding opportunities with its two-sided pillowcase graphic.
  • 5. Easy Set-Up: your sales or marketing team can assemble and take down a portable display with little hassle, and most of the time by themselves.


Pop Up Displays - like Instand FabriMural, XPlus and the new SPlus - feature a collapsible frame system that are also easy to store and transport and most can be assembled and taken down by one person. Easily installed graphics makes them another convenient option for displays on the go.

Other Portable Fabric Displays – like Envison, FabLite, Inspire 2.0, and LightWall - feature easy to assemble tube or extrusion frames with pillowcase dye sub graphics that pull down over the frame and zip closed or smooth SEG graphics that easily installed for a vibrant seamless look. Just like pop-up displays, no tools or extra labor is needed. Plus, fabric display graphics are lighter in weight, more durable, machine washable and fade, mildew and wrinkle resistant!

For the occasional larger event, these scalable designs allow you to easily add other systems to an existing any Nomadic display system. The adaptable nature of these portable systems from Nomadic makes them the most flexible display solutions on the market. Plus, they are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Contact Nomadic for more information about portable display solutions and the many ways they can be used to cut costs and increase your ROI in the right situation.

Newest Exhibit Innovation from Nomadic Wins Two Awards at Exhibitor2014

by Gwen Parsons 16. April 2014 21:01

Exhibitor2014 is the trade show for trade show and corporate event marketing professionals. The 25th annual conference offered 160 education sessions, an expanded exhibition hall and an inaugural Awards Night.

We premiered our newest trade show exhibit innovation, the DesignLine® Wall System, with a trade show booth design that received rave reviews from attendees. Visitors reacted with delight to our brightly colored graphics and variety of lighting options including backlit walls, LED color changing downlights and whimsical accent lighting.

The exhibit was so well received we generated an increase of 65% more visitors.

Floor to ceiling fabric graphics featured face-to-face conversations about what marketers need from their exhibit partner. Exhibit marketers adapt their programs to meet the changes their business undergoes, often with limited resources. Our presentation was designed to illustrate how Nomadic helps exhibitors turn change into new opportunities with modular displays that adapt to fit a new use or situation.

This short animation illustrates how Nomadic trade show displays
adapt, expand and evolve to meet your changing business needs.

Many thanks to everyone who visited our trade show exhibit. If you were unable to be there, you may enjoy viewing this short video.


Exhibitor hosted a gala Awards Night to present 2014 awards for exhibition excellence to winners at a dinner and ceremony. The Walton County Tourist Development Council exhibit received not one but TWO awards! Designed by Zehnder and Synergy Design Group, we produced the custom modular exhibit with our new DesignLine Wall System. A juried panel selected it to receive the Best 10x10 exhibit award. By popular vote, it also received the People’s Choice award. Our sincerest thanks to everyone to voted!


Luz Lobos, President, Synergy Design Group
Pat Goeke, President, Nomadic Display

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


Take Your Brand SKY HIGH with These Suspended Sensations

by Nomadic Display 2. June 2011 18:25

With the economy on the upswing and show floors flourishing, reporting record registration levels, NOW is the time to invest in a suspended fabric structure that’ll get you the added visibility you need to OUT SHOW your competition. Vince Alberta, VP of The Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitors Authority, reports a recent surge in suspended fabric displays from years past. Exhibitors are loosening their purse strings and opening their minds to these floating graphic phenomena. Before you whole heartedly invest in a Fabric structure, we’ve outlined the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good                        
These suspended sensations are hung sky high and therefore guaranteed to elevate your visibility from the show floor to drive traffic to your booth.

Fabric structures will also:

  • Save you TONS on Shipping – because they consist of lightweight aluminum structures and printed fabric which dismantle and pack compactly. 
  • Evolve based on your display needs – fabric structures can also accommodate layered graphic signage for dramatic effect or target messages to specific audiences.
  • Let you outshine your competition –lighting draws visitors like moths to a flame so add backlighting to your fabric structure.
  • Are rentable – so try before you buy, request a quote here.

The Bad and The Ugly on Rigging
Suspended structures exceeding 20lbs require a chain motor truss for installation.  So rigging your fabric structure can be expensive depending on its overall weight, number of pick points and complexity.

  • Most rigging services require submission of a diagram 21 days prior to the show set up so that the designated show engineer can approve your specs and requirements. Onsite rigging is typically at least 30% more than the early bird rate.
  • Fabric structures are usually allowed only with peninsula and island booth spaces so check the rules and regulations in your show services manual for details.

Rigging sound like a headache to you? Check out some of our Stand Apart Fabric solutions that elimate the need for rigging
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6 steps to jumpstarting your trade show program with QR codes

by Nomadic Display 15. March 2011 18:10


QR Codes are fastly becoming a trademark of the mobile marketing world and are growing in popularity.  QR’s have marketers everywhere scrambling to place them in their campaigns. But, how, as a trade show marketer can you integrate QR codes into your face-to-face initiatives? You don’t have to be an IT junkie to appreciate our helpful hints on leveraging these PIXILATED POWERHOUSES.

1) Know your audience
According to comScore, Inc, a leader in measuring the digital world, 45.4 million people own smart phones, which is 19% of all cell phones now active in the U.S.  Does your target audience have smart phones?  If not, your creative use of QR codes may be in vain. See if QR’s are suitable in YOUR marketplace by conducting a poll.

2) Select Your Medium
Establishing where you want to embed your QR codes is the second step to igniting your mobile marketing efforts. They can be incorporated into online and print media.  Plus, you can measure the number of people engaging with your brand through QR codes to help determine the success of your campaigns.

3)Choose Your Platform
You can generate standard QR codes for FREE using a QR code generater like the one available at YouScan.me.com.  You can also purchase customized QR codes with colors or imagery on request.  From a design perspective steer clear of design elements that may border the QR code because it may interfere with the user's scanning process.

4)Reproduction Tips
Make sure your QR code is fully opaque to allow for swift scanning. If the QR codes detract from the aesthetics of your creative artwork, consider applying them discreetly, like on the back of your literature. Be careful when you’re resizing QRs, if they’re too small or too close together it will be difficult to scan which will only irritate users. Make sure that you test your QR code multiple times with different smart phone platforms (Iphone, Blackberry,Android) before sending it to print.

5)Empower Your Viewers
You don’t want prospects to abandon your campaign simply because they’re not supplied with the right scanner.  So make sure to supply your audience with a url where they can download the QR code scanner that will work with all smartphones: Blackberry, IPhone or Andriod. 

6)Track Your Results
Like any other marketing effort you'll want to measure its performance.   based on the scans it receives supply metrics boasting your campaign’s success. Your QR code should direct your audience to a clear call to action such as: a website registration form for VIP passes to your event, a landing page featuring a map to your trade show booth on the show floor or entry into an in-booth contest with a grand prize drawing.

Follow these Show Smart steps and your next event is guaranteed to Stand Apart!!

For more tips on exhibiting expertise download one of our free whitepapers 

Nomadic Gets A Green Thumbs Up From Exhibitor Magazine

by Nomadic Display 26. January 2011 00:13

In the January issue of Exhibitor Magazine, Nomadic was featured in Green on The Go, where Exhibitor spotlighted green trade show displays that are environmentally friendly, as well as budget friendly. Our top-of-the-line Instand® system was showcased as number 1 on the list for being the ULTIMATE custom portable solution for Exhibitors looking to ride the “Green Wave”.  Instand® earned its Green Badge because it has the following unmatched Green assets to help your company thrive:

Solid Framework
The Instand®  frame is made of 80 – 100% recycled aluminum and is backed by a industry leading Lifetime Warrenty so that you can get unlimited use out of your custom portable display for the duration of its lifetime.

We Imprint on Graphic Printing

Instand’s® graphic printing process offers brilliant graphics that are eco friendly in their use of water-soluble ultra violet inks, a paperless ink transfer system, and an infrared ink curing system that eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds. Our graphic panels have the capacity to be switched out and give exhibitors maximum display versatility without having to invest in a new unit.

Ship Ship Horrray

Nomadic’s rotationally molded shipping cases are fabricated of 100% recyclable material. Compact and lighter in weight, Instand® may be checked in a RollOne shipping case as airline luggage.  Instand will save you on shipping, leaving less of a carbon footprint. 

Instand®: the Fabric of Your Brand

While the Instand® featured in Exhibitor Magazine is accented with Inkjet graphic panels and endcaps, optional Velcro® compatible FabriColor panels may be substituted or combined with the Inkjet Graphic panels to suit different audiences, eliminating the need for two units.  

Additionally, FabriColor material is eco friendly in that it is made of  Eco-fi™ fabric, which contains polyester that is 80-100% certified, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Go Green with Nomadic Display
We don’t stop there, one of our recent clients, Oldcastle Architectural, came to us for a trade show display that needed to satisfy sustainable building standards for Greenbuild 2010. Nomadic produced a hybrid solution that that met the clients unique request and incorporated recycled products and materials… click here to read more 

Download our Rentals whitepaper and see how Nomadic can make your exhibit program a leader in the Green Rush


Nomadic Breaks Ground At The Annual Greenbuld Expo

by Nomadic Display 2. December 2010 18:08


See how Nomadic can accelerate your tradeshow performance

Oldcastle Architectural, the leading manufacturer of concrete masonry, lawn, garden and paving products in North America, wanted to debut a new trade show display at Greenbuild. Greenbuild is the largest Green Expo dedicated to showcasing the latest in sustainable products and services for the building industry. The Annual Greenbuild Conference and Expo reaches over 25,000 people and was held in the windy city in November.

Oldcastle came to Exhibit Systems open to renting a custom display and possibly purchasing one. Exhibit Systems partnered with Nomadic to blend the best of both worlds (rental and purchase) into one seamless custom exhibit rental solution. Together they developed a custom tailored concept that would meet Oldcastle’s unique design requirements and satisfy Greenbuild’s standards for exhibitor use of sustainable materials.

From the aluminum extrusions to the rotationally molded shipping cases, Nomadic incorporated recycled and recyclable materials into Oldcastle’s custom display.  Our Green policy and business practices made us the optimal manufacturer for Oldcastle Architectural.

Oldcastle’s 20x20 island trade show display blew their audience away. Not only was the trade show exhibit visually compelling, but it featured hands-on live sessions for visitors to touch and learn about Oldcastle's masonry products, which became a chief selling tool. Oldcastle got the custom design they needed without incurring post event ownership expenses. 

Grow your event marketing program with green custom rental solutions that are friendly to the environment and to your budget