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Down..Set..Hut! Nomadic Gears up for Thursday Night Football

by ndadmin 11. November 2010 00:17
                                                          Nomadic Sets the Bar in Set DesignCatch us in the endzone tomorrow, November 11th, for the Baltimore Ravens v. Atlanta Falcons kick off! Nomadic is pleased to an... [More]

Nomadic Takes a BOW at The Naval Museum Madrid

by ndadmin 9. November 2010 01:09
Nomadic Display creates an OCEAN of opportunities for the Spanish Navy Marines. The Infantry needed a platform to expand their mission critical recruiting efforts. The Armada's existing custom displays were too heavy and cumbersome to set up so the Spanish Navy Marines sought a lighter weight solution. They wanted a custom exhibit that would be easy to assemble and reconfigure to accommodate varied applications. After reviewing hundreds of design proposals countrywide, The Spanish Navy Marines... [More]

What You're Missing on Your Event Press Releases

by ndadmin 4. November 2010 20:41
DONT GET SNAGGED ON THE WIRE BEFORE YOUR PRESS RELEASE HITS THE WIREPress releases are an excellent promotional vehicle to gain market exposure for your next event. Whether you are using an outside vendor to submit company  wide press releases or are pushing them out on your own, below is a list of things to remember before your next release hits the wire; this is information that is often left off press releases, yet sought after by journalists and other key constituents. 1) The name ... [More]

4 Tips to Drilling Down Your Social Media Platforms

by ndadmin 2. November 2010 21:18
Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Foursquare are enjoying widespread adoption by event and exhibit marketers.  The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) recently reported that event professionals are projected to spend more time than ever engaging buyers through social media outreach .  A full one-third of event marketers are already spending an average of six hours per week on driving their promotions through social media channels. Social media will h... [More]

Nomadic Goes WILD at Superzoo

by ndadmin 19. October 2010 21:15
SuperZoo rounds up the best in pet businesses for three days of unbridled business opportunity. Top suppliers showcased their lastest and greatest products to 9,000 pet professionals prowling the show floor.Our Rentals team partnered with Exhibit People to help PFX Pet Supply and VanNess Plastics make their mark at SuperZoo. Both wildly stunning trade show displays provided a custom aesthetic that captivated customers. Van Ness Plastics is the largest manufacturer in North America for plastic ... [More]

MAXIMIZE Your Tradeshow Impact with Our Latest 20x40 Island

by ndadmin 2. October 2010 00:34
While marketing budgets are improving, companies continue to seek choices for how best to invest their program funding. Nomadic offers display designs that may be purchased or, when appropriate, rented which provides you with the flexibility to determine how we can best meet your needs.  Below is an example of the same design offered for both purchase or rental. Purchase Option: ID29397N Design Features: Counter Overhead Messaging Semi-private Meeting Area Tension Fabric ... [More]

North Sails Goes Full Throttle at the Acclaimed Newport Boat Show

by ndadmin 28. September 2010 22:04
  North Sails, a market leader in sail making, is widely recognized for sails that are faster, lighter and longer lasting than other sails in the world. North Sails cruised over to Nomadic's website hoping to revamp their existing Instand trade show displays for use in the 40th Annual Newport Boat Show. North Sails wanted an exhibit design that would distinguish them internationally as a high quality supplier and make a lasting impression on attendees.Nomadic's Solutions Design Stud... [More]

Ampetronic Shines at The Prolight and Sound Show

by ndadmin 22. September 2010 21:58
Ampetronic wanted to debut a fresh, cutting edge look at the esteemed Prolight & Sound Show in Messe Frankfurt.  A leading provider of assisted listening products, Ampetronic's hearing aids use induction loop technology which they needed to demonstrate at the event.Nomadic tradeshow displays are uniquely engineered to integrate with one another so, we breathed new life into the Instand pop-up displays Ampetronic owned for over 5 years. Our design team created a knock-out presentati... [More]

An International Emergency - Nomadic's LifeLine Service saves the show.

by ndadmin 7. September 2010 23:22
When TiGenix, a Belgium-based biomedical company, called Nomadic's LifeLine Service in April at 8:30 in the morning, their tradeshow in Washington DC had already started. Their freight company had lost their 10' pop-up booth.  Meanwhile, Nomadic's Belgium Distributor Art & Press Dimensions already called us directly and asked for a miracle. By 10:30 AM, Nomadic received the artwork for graphics via FTP and by 1:00 PM the same day, we had set up a pop-up display with graphics in Washin... [More]

Featured Client: Álvarez Betrán 30 x 30 Island Solution

by ndadmin 21. July 2010 01:02
"With the Nomadic stand proposed by MSB massa Bárzano we were able to interact with customers, potential buyers and the media using spectacular demos. We achieved our dual objectives of return on investment and reuse." -Armando Gutiérrez, Marketing Manager, Álvarez Beltrán Client Alvarez Beltran SA is best known as a leading distributor of electrical equipment in Spain. Best known for security systems, Alvarez also provides lighting, HVAC, telecommunication... [More]