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Make Your Exhibiting More Effective With New Technologies

by Gwen Parsons 3. April 2013 02:23

Exhibitors are rapidly incorporating new technologies into their face-to-face presentations, trade shows, and events. So it's no surprise that almost half of the new product Buyers' Choice Awards at Exhibitor2013 were technology-based. Apps, touch screens, even holograms were among the hot new products that premiered at this year’s show.

We're excited to offer a new product that helps companies make the most of this technology as well. Our new Media on Demand App received a lot of attention at Exhibitor2013 because it allows exhibitors to have all of their sales and marketing media at the fingertips of their team on their iPad or Smart Phone. Visitors were stunned to learn they could have their own branded version of our Media on Demand App for a fraction of the price of a custom app and be ready to go-to-market in just days.

Another innovation that drew a lot of attention were the name tags worn by Nomadic booth staff during the show. You’ve seen name tags that light up, but Vidbadge is the next generation in content delivery. It's a video badge the size of a business card that displays your photo and video content. We demonstrated how to utilize this technology by uploading over 250 photos of Nomadic display designs into a slide show for attendees. Visitors were able to engage in conversation with us and see a portfolio of designs at the same time. That’s multi-tasking at its best!

Each Vidbadge has 4GB of memory and battery life of 8-9 hours. Lightweight, it attaches magnetically so its secure and won’t damage your clothing. If you are interested in learning more about this technology and show special pricing, contact Doug Turpin, Executive Director of Nomadic Display.