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How to Use Lighting to Attract Your Trade Show Audience

by Gwen Parsons 24. July 2015 17:40

Ever wonder why humans are attracted to light? It’s actually an unconscious response mechanism rooted in instinct. Light enables us to see better which improves our ability to find food and shelter to survive. Our natural attraction to light is a key reason why LightWall backlit trade show displays and graphics are so powerful at drawing our attention. Unfortunately the expense and installation complexity often put them out of reach for many marketers….until now.

With the recent introduction of new LightWall backlit tension fabric displays, Nomadic has created a series of portable display solutions that are both easy on your wallet and easy to use.

This 20’ LightWall backlit display packs into just one RollOne Case, with a counter conversion, that ships UPS and FedEx!

Backlighting is Brilliant
Backlighting is the hottest trend in exhibit design. LightWall backlit trade show booths enchant, engage and energize audiences because they stand out in a crowded hall. Seamless edge-to-edge imagery lit by true white LEDs boosts overall graphic impact. These tradeshow displays can be backlit on both sides by simply connecting two frames back-to-back.

Assembly is Tool Free
It’s so easy, anyone can set up a LightWall backlit trade show booth:

  • Lights are pre-installed in the frame channel for protection during transit and speed set-up.
  • Frame sections glide together and tighten with thumb screws.
  • The SEG (silicone edge gasket) fabric graphic panel is pressed into the channel of the frame perimeter.
  • The liner attaches to the backside with Velcro™

Saves Money by Reducing Costs
LightWall backlit tradeshow displays help reduce your trade show marketing expenses 5 ways.

  • Nomadic’s custom tailored fabric graphics cost less than photomurals.
  • Fabric graphics are more durable and machine washable to last longer.
  • LED lights use less energy and last up to 10,000 hours.
  • LightWall backlit display ship in just one RollCase Case that converts into a counter.
  • Our RollOne Case ships UPS and FedEx.

Quality Guaranteed After-the-Sale
While many exhibitors are satisfied with the service they receive before and during the sale, yet Nomadic ensures customer needs will be met after-the-sale. Light module replacements easily snap into place if damaged in the field. Every LightWall backlit tension fabric display is backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranty.

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is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


Serving Trade Show Exhibitors Means Going the Extra Mile

by Gwen Parsons 11. June 2015 17:42
Veterans of the trade show industry know to expect the unexpected. After forty years producing trade show displays, we’ve encountered our fair share of surprises.

In fact, back in 1992 we implemented the Nomadic LifeLine: the first 24/7 global emergency service hotline because customer problems often arose after business hours or on weekends when they needed it most. Today we manage to resolve Rescue 911 situations and still make it look easy.

The story below is just one example of what happens behind the scenes to solve a trade show exhibit problem. All company and client names have been withheld to protect participants’ anonymity.

Background The client purchased their Nomadic Display more than a year ago. Just prior to a recent show they ordered a couple of new graphics. The art files were received, printed and shipped to arrive for the show on time.

Friday 3:00pm Customer called in a panic because the new graphics were not fitting properly and delaying progress with setting-up the trade show exhibit. They needed replacement graphics by 8:00am the next morning. Worst of all, the show hall was at least 3 hours away.
3:25pm Our team immediately sprinted into action. Customer Service secured correct measurements from the client. Project Management created revised artwork specifications. The Graphics team resized the art files and prepared them for output.
3:50pm The revised artwork was sent to print. Meanwhile Customer Service continued to research transportation options to ship the replacement graphics for delivery by 8:00am the next morning.
4:45pm The graphics were delivered to the finishing dept.
5:30pm The graphics were delivered to the packing dept.

Customer Service was unable to find any shipping services that would guarantee delivery by 8:00am the next morning. Are you biting your nails yet?
5:45pm Like a comic book super hero, one Customer Service agent stepped up and volunteered to drive the replacement graphics to the show hall. That’s really going the extra mile!
12:00 The Customer Service agent texted the President to report the hand off to an amazed customer.
Saturday 8:00am The President made a follow-up call to the client who reported that the trade show exhibit set-up was almost complete and the new replacement graphics fit perfectly.
Monday 8:00am The President shared this story in a message to our employees “Needless to say you all went above and beyond late Friday afternoon and you did it without one complaint. Well done. For the efforts you all put in, every day, thank you!”

Being a leader means doing everything possible to make it right for your customer, no matter who’s at fault. We take pride in finding solutions to our customers’ toughest problems. After all, you know what they say…”the show must go on.”

What’s your latest 911 story?

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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NEW! Envision Modular Trade Show Displays

by Gwen Parsons 29. May 2015 16:53

If you’re like many exhibitors – you want it all – great design, easy set-up, durability, compact portability…oh and don’t forget upgrade options. With Nomadic’s newest innovation, now you can have it all.

Envision trade show displays make a statement with ultra-sleek style.

A trade show display does more than just present a marketing message, it projects an image for your company. Envision trade show displays deliver first class style with ease. A ten foot Envision display packs complete with accessories into one portable case and sets up in minutes without tools.

Envision trade show displays offer more than exhibitors may expect at a cost less than they might imagine.

Envision trade show display features are generous:

    • A seamless SEG (silicon edge gasket) fabric graphic panel mounts edge-to-edge on a frame with for a crisp finish.

    • Choice of upgrades including halogen or LED spotlights, dimensional signage, monitors, a second graphic for double sided use and more.

    • Only Envision displays travel complete in an upright case that ships UPS and FedEx.

    • Nomadic stands behind every Envision display with a lifetime warranty.

    • A 10’ Envision display with a set of lights in a RollOne Case is available at special introductory pricing until August 31, 2015.

To learn more about why an Envision display will do good things for you and say good things about you; visit our new product page.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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How To Develop New Business at International Trade Shows

by Gwen Parsons 7. May 2015 19:26

Many companies today are reaching beyond their native borders to develop new business opportunities. Whether the goal is to build a global brand, increase revenue, expand distribution, or establish operations, trade shows are one of the best ways to introduce your company to a new market. The following key points should be beneficial to exploring international trade shows.

Find the right event. There are a number of searchable trade show directories online that enable you to research trade shows by country, industry, search term, and dates. Examples include M&A or Expobase. Your exhibit house should be able to help you screen appropriate trade shows based on your specific goals.

Do your research. Learn as much as you can about international exhibiting in general and specifically in your target markets. Exhibitor Magazine publishes an annual article on top trade show destinations. The ExhibitorLive conference offers a number of international education sessions. Mark your calendar to attend Feb 29-Mar 2, 2016 and register here to receive conference updates.

A new book "Trade Shows from One Country to the Next" offers fascinating insights into trade show marketing in 45 countries. Author Larry Kulchawik has over 40 years of experience in the international trade show arena. His book focuses on venues, regulations, exhibit architecture, cultural differences, behavioral adjustments and communication skills needed to successfully market products and services at trade shows in foreign countries. Order a copy of his comprehensive guide at Amazon.com

Select an experienced partner. You will want to work with an organization that has experience in your target market. Ideally the organization you choose will have operations located in your target market. Nomadic Display has offices in major markets in the US and Europe that offer display fabrication, exhibit rentals, graphics, and show services. We produce from the location closest to our clients’ exhibition destination to reduce time and expense. If you plan to work with an independent consultant, be sure to ask for client references to verify their experience.

Design for a different audience. Your trade show display needs to engage an audience of a different culture. That requires an understanding of the style, colors, language, in-booth activities, and more that will drive the optimal trade show display design. To effectively collaborate at your exhibit design kick off meeting bring show specific regulations, a floor plan denoting your space on it and a design brief that includes your research into your target market.

For more tips on international exhibiting, go to Resources.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


Warranties Aren't Important – Until You Need Them

by Gwen Parsons 19. December 2012 23:19

In a recent conversation on LinkedIn, a Marketing Manager asked if anyone could suggest a good company or website to purchase a 10 foot pop-up exhibit. She got over 30 replies. One supplier suggested that they try out at least four different pop-up brands to determine their strengths and weaknesses, citing the fact that many have different warranties. The supplier suggested that the Marketing Manager also find out the history and repair processes for a variety of stands because some are easier to fix than others.

Great advice!

The simple truth is that product warranties aren’t important… until you have a problem. Often the situation goes something like this: After investing in your pop-up display, you proudly send it off to the show for field personnel to set-up and tear down. Sure, instructions for installation and dismantling the booth are included with the shipment, but nobody bothers to read them. When the show is over your staff is eager to tear down as quickly as possible – again no one reads the instructions. When you receive your display back you discover it's damaged! That’s when you look for the warranty.

Many companies offer a warranty on their pop-up. They even have similar names, such as:

• Limited Warranty
• Lifetime Warranty
"No Questions Asked" Lifetime Warranty
• No fault warranty, unconditional warranty, etc.

So here are a few suggestions for how to evaluate pop-up warranties.

Get copies. You need to get a detailed description to evaluate them. Some companies publish their pop up display warranties on their website. Others don’t make it so easy. In that case, you may have to request a copy from your display consultant or customer service agent.

Compare coverage. Understand what is and is not covered. For example, is only the frame covered? How about the mounting system – channel bars, hubs, clips, fasteners? Are accessories like lights or cases covered differently?

Determine liability. Most pop-up “lifetime” warranties have a clause that states the company must inspect the product damage in order to determine whether the source is due to a manufacturing or material defect. If damage doesn't stem from one of these two, you will be given a quote for the cost of the pop-up repair. It's rare to find a warranty, like Nomadic’s “No Questions Asked” warranty that will repair or replace your pop-up for a lifetime of ownership even if the damage incurred to it is YOUR fault.

Anticipate your needs. How frequently will your pop-up display be put to use? Will set-up and tear down of your pop-up display be done by the same personnel? Who in your organization is responsible for managing property repairs?

Field vs. location repairs. Some companies promote the ability to make repairs yourself while others require that the pop-up be repaired at an authorized location. Field repairs may work if you have the spare parts on hand and instructions on how to install them. Ask yourself who you trust to execute a lasting repair of your display properly – a staff member or factory qualified professionals?

Understand the process. Do you call Customer Service for authorization to return the product? Or can you submit a repair request online? Who pays shipping to the repair location? How long does a pop-up repair usually take to complete? Who pays the shipping to return your property?

Once you’ve made your purchase decision, remember to complete and return or submit your product’s warranty registration so that if the time comes for you to use it, your supplier will be ready to support it.

What's your experience with pop-up display repairs?


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