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Our Coast-to-Coast Rental Options Will Reduce Freight Costs

by Nomadic Display 26. September 2012 23:49

Renting a trade show display isn't new.  What is new is the variety of display designs you can get with an exhibit rental. In the past, exhibitors had to choose from a limited group of basic (read boring) cookie cutter designs that could be customized with graphic signage. We know that one size rarely fits all. All that changed with the advent of custom exhibit rentals. Today exhibitors enjoy the savings of renting and the hassle free experience of a turnkey solution.

For more than eight years, Nomadic has been supplying exhibit rentals from our facility in the top trade show city - - Las Vegas.  The growing demand for custom booth rentals for shows in cities in the East led us to recently add a second display rental facility in suburban Washington DC to better serve our customers.

Nomadic offers exhibitors an extensive selection of pre-designed trade show display rentals, exhibit rentals custom designed by our Solutions Studio, and add-on display rentals to enhance or expand existing display properties. Our turnkey service package includes everything from graphic production, carpet and furniture to freight arrangements, installation and dismantling (I&D), and storage.

With rental facilities in the East and West, we're now able to help reduce freight costs by using the rental inventory from the location closest to the exhibitor's show. We also offer FREE display delivery and pick up to exhibitors that order a complete trade show display rental with I&D services from Nomadic for their shows in Las Vegas or Washington, DC.

Are there other ways you've been able to save freight costs?  Send us your ideas!