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Nomadic Stars in Tools of the TRADEshow

by Nomadic Display 7. October 2010 19:08
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As a forerunner in the exhibit industry, we pride ourselves on our longstanding history of customer satisfaction. Our innovative exhibit design solutions, exceptional customer service and high quality custom modular and custom portable displays, earned us a top spot in Conventions.net October e-newsletter, Tools of the TRADEshow.

Conventions.net is the world's leading online resource for Trade Shows, Conventions, Corporate Events, Conferences, and Meetings.  Tools of the TRADEshow was sent to over 70,000 industry insiders like your self! Being featured as top supplier for our one-of a-kind trade show displays touches on our dedication to our clients and our ongoing unique product offerings. 

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Knocking out the knock-offs: How do you choose the right pop-up in today's market?

by Nomadic Display 6. May 2010 00:43
I was speaking with a new salesperson recently about all the changes happening throughout the pop-up segment of our industry. Imports driving prices down. Consolidation. Relationships between Manufacturer, Distributor and Customers torn down and then reinventing themselves. The Internet — the only constant seen throughout the past 30 years is the presence of change itself.

After a few minutes of what was probably a boring history lesson for this young salesperson, I was intrigued by his first question— if the pop-up market is getting more and more aggressive in lowering costs, why is Nomadic launching accessories that seem to add to the average cost of a pop-up display? Excellent question, I told my young squire.

The vast majority of today’s pop-up displays – and there are dozens if not hundreds that I can see, are being marketed as one thing and one thing only… large graphic backwalls with little more functionality than providing its owner with a temporary, portable billboard. If that is how all pop-ups are being judged, then why WOULDN’T a savvy buyer want to buy the lowest priced version that provides that capability?
Picture 3
In order to answer the salespersons query, I had to go back to my history lesson. More than 34 years ago, when Nomadic’s founder, Ted Ziegler, invented the world’s first pop-up display system, he over-engineered it. Back in 1975, Ted wasn’t trying to make a graphic backwall. Ted was trying to make portable buildings. These portable buildings (temporary field hospitals for the military) would require stability and strength while still offering ease and speed of set-up. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s Ted’s original engineering that provides Instand the strength to support more weight than any other pop-up on the market. This over-abundance of strength has allowed Nomadic to recently develop a line of new accessories for the Instand that transform “a simple graphic backwall” into a multi-functional display system that just happens to be lightweight and easy to set-up.

So, I explained to the young salesperson, the reason Nomadic has launched this new line of accessories in a world of low-cost pop-ups can be summed up like this— Instand should not be judged as a pop-up display system at all. Rather, it should be judged as a highly customizable display solution that happens to come from pop-up stock.

And now you can have the world's most popular pop-up at historically low prices.
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Lions, tigers and... oh my!

by Nomadic Display 14. April 2010 02:14
Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Washington with a bright blue sky, warm sunshine and cool, dry air...the first taste of Spring. My husband and I wanted to spend the afternoon outdoors, get a little exercise and reconnect with our inner child. So we decided to pop the top on the Miata and drive down to the National Zoo.

An hour later we were at the Panda pavilion. Mei Xiang, our expectant mother, was snoozing in the sun in a corner spot making it difficult to see her.

Next we headed over to the elephant house. It was undergoing construction...we wondered where elephants, hippos and giraffes go while their home is being renovated? We walked around to see the gorillas and then the big cats.... lions, tigers.

9_20_07_zoo1 9_20_07_zoo2

Went down to watch the sea lions show off their superior swimming and sunbathing skills.


The sounds of live entertainment grew louder as we approached the center of the park. Vendors were selling crafts and refreshments. Imagine my surprise when we came upon a US Dept of Agriculture tent with an Instand display! The giant graphic was an illustration promoting nutrition. As you can see it certainly did its job attracting youngsters.


In my twenty-four years with Nomadic, I have to admit it wasn't my first surprise encounter with a Nomadic display. Instand shows up everywhere...even at the Zoo! No wonder it’s the most popular portable in the world.

Now you can have your very own at historically low prices. Check out our selection today.

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Announcing the Winner of Nomadic's "Search for Songbird to Seize a Show Smart Solution" Contest

by Nomadic Display 24. March 2010 23:12
Image-resizer Our thanks to everyone that showed how "smart" they were in finding the red songbird among the new featured specials on our web site. The winning design is AB2015OEN.

Drum roll please...and the winner of a complete 8' Instand display is 

Daniel McDonnall


Gwen Parsons

Senior Vice President

Nomadic Display

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For Only $2,900 – You can buy this 8' pop-up complete with graphics, counter, and lights, in one case.

by Nomadic Display 2. February 2010 22:09

AB2015ON - Lowcost Pop-up

That's right - now you can have the world's most popular pop-up at historically low prices.

Design Features:

  • 8' Instand pop-up frame with "No Questions Asked" Lifetime Warranty
  • Magnetic mounting system
  • Graphic panels and endcaps
  • Premium Halogen Lights
  • RollOne Case with black Lycra counter conversion kit

But the savings don't stop there because you continue to save after-the-sale with:

  • UPS or FedEx Transport
  • Fast, One person set-up
  • FREE frame repairs for Life
  • Toll free global 24/7 LifeLine
Ask your local Nomadic Dealer about our latest featured special AB2015ON today!

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