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Get Your Office Ready to Welcome Back Your Staff

by Nomadic Display 29. April 2020 19:48
  Things are very different than they were 6 months ago, and we are all learning to adapt to the new normal. States and businesses will be reopening in the next month or so, which is great news, but it seems many businesses are re-entering cautiously. As we all should.  Over the years many companies have moved to open format office spaces. This may not be adequate under new expectations and guidelines for your employees' wellbeing. Is your business prepared to welcome back emplo... [More]


Plan for a Busy Summer: 3 Things You Can Do Now

by Nomadic Display 8. April 2020 01:21
If you fast forward a couple of months… you may find a busy freaking summer! Shows that were never there before are filling in our summer schedules, and soon enough we will have fall shows nipping at our heels too.  ARE YOU READY? This summer is going to look very different than previous summers. All your exhibit and event vendors that typically have more capacity to work on things for you are now will most likely be bombarded with business. So, you need to rethink how soon you shou... [More]


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