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Use Flooring to Enhance Your Trade Show Display Design

by Gwen Parsons 29. August 2013 19:10
Trade show booth flooring is probably one of the last items on an exhibitor’s planning list: tick a box, submit a form, it’s done. Yet companies are missing out one of the most underutilized branding opportunities at their show. We asked Stacy Barnes of Brumark Total Flooring Solutions to share her thoughts on how to better use this valuable real estate. Exhibit designers integrate flooring into display designs for more than pure aesthetic appeal. Flooring can also be used to define... [More]

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Trade Show Tips | Booth Design

Best Ways to Save on Exhibit Transportation

by Gwen Parsons 15. August 2013 17:38
Transportation accounts for about ten percent of the average trade show and event budget. Reducing the cost allows you to repurpose the savings and re-invest it in promoting your event to generate more traffic and more business. [More]

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Trade Show Tips

Marketing Executives’ Outlook on Trade Shows and Events

by Gwen Parsons 7. August 2013 20:22
The Chief Marketing Officers Council and the Exhibit and Event Marketers Association recently partnered to benchmark the value of trade shows and events based on a survey of senior level corporate marketing executives. The results have been released in a report entitled “Customer Attainment from Event Engagement” and addressed in a symposium held last week. Here are some of my key takeaways: Trade shows and events are core to the marketing mix Exhibitions and events are viewed as... [More]