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Plan Now To Avoid Panic Later

by Gwen Parsons 28. June 2013 19:20
Fall trade shows and events are just a couple of months away so summer is a great time to get organized. Remember Bill Murray’s movie “What About Bob?” Richard Dreyfuss played his psychiatrist and the author of “Baby Steps.” The trick is to break big problems, like event planning, down into small steps so they can be accomplished in an orderly manner. The first baby step toward a Fall event is to create a checklist of activities and their due dates. Here are some tips on how to get... [More]

Why Fans are Flocking to Tension Fabric

by Gwen Parsons 19. June 2013 16:56
Whether it’s an event or trade show, graphics digitally printed on tension fabric can be seen on everything from hanging signs to counters.  Rapid growth in the popularity of tension fabric displays in recent years is likely due to key advantages like these: Fabric graphics deliver high quality, continuous tone images in a vivid range of colors. Fabric graphics are less expensive than rollable magnetic graphics. Fabric graphics are more durable and easy to maintain. They don't ... [More]

Free Publicity for Your Trade Shows and Events

by Gwen Parsons 14. June 2013 01:18
Social media is a great way to boost the promotion of your participation in trade shows and events. It doesn't require any allocation from your promotion budget to use, aka FREE, and offers the added potential benefit to go viral, aka BONUS Distribution! However, social media does require time which equals manpower. So get your team together to review the overall marketing plan and brainstorm ways to make the most of social media to publicize your event. Go through each phase of the event - befo... [More]

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Promotional Products are the Gifts that Keep on Giving

by Gwen Parsons 6. June 2013 01:06
Swag is a staple at trade shows and events. Promotional items enable exhibitors to thank visitors for stopping in, and to extend the brand experience beyond the show floor. That’s because visitors keep their premium giveaways for an average of six months. Since your giveaway is the ad that keeps on giving, you want to choose wisely. Ideally you want a promotional product that will not only reflect positively on your company’s brand, but that will also align with your marketing strat... [More]