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Using RFID Technology to Enhance Face-to-Face Events

by Gwen Parsons 26. April 2013 17:54
As exhibitors, we're always looking for ways to provide our visitors with the best possible experience interacting with our brand. RFID technology may be able to help us create more engaging and individualized experiences. Imagine issuing wristbands to guests at an event that allows them to have their photo taken and automatically uploaded to their Facebook page and your company fan page. Sunglass Hut did just that at the launch party for their retail store in South Africa. The viral aspect o... [More]

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Using iPads for Trade Shows, is there an App for that?

by Gwen Parsons 17. April 2013 02:04
We recently heard a great question from an exhibitor "Can iPads be used to interact with clients and capture contact information or are they strictly for disseminating information?" iPads are already being used by booth staff at trade shows to interact with visitors so YES! and there is an app for that - Nomadic's new Media on Demand App! In fact, our new iPad app for trade 
shows is a hot topic, responsible for quadrupling our Twitter traffic last month. So here's the scoop- our trade show iP... [More]

Leveraging Technology in Your Trade Show Marketing

by Gwen Parsons 11. April 2013 19:07
It's no secret that everyone in the trade show world is buzzing about new technologies and how to apply them to their trade show and event marketing programs. Marketers have a high tech future full of new gadgets, apps, and interactivity devices to help them engage potential buyers before, during and after the show. Exhibitors want to learn more about them so they won't be left behind. Events are bursting with exhibitors using large monitors, touch screens and projection systems integrated ... [More]

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Make Your Exhibiting More Effective With New Technologies

by Gwen Parsons 3. April 2013 02:23
Exhibitors are rapidly incorporating new technologies into their face-to-face presentations, trade shows, and events. So it's no surprise that almost half of the new product Buyers' Choice Awards at Exhibitor2013 were technology-based. Apps, touch screens, even holograms were among the hot new products that premiered at this year’s show. We're excited to offer a new product that helps companies make the most of this technology as well. Our new Media on Demand App received a lot of attenti... [More]