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The Science Behind Face To Face

by Nomadic Display 28. April 2011 18:37
It’s no surprise that face-to-face is a more visceral way to connect with prospects: you can introduce yourself with a welcoming smile and a firm hand shake, gauging your visitor's interest level in the process based on their body language. Both Expo Magazine and BtoB make a case for face to face. Red 7 Media, a parent company of Expo Magazine, reports that 65% of your customers/prospects attend trade shows primarily for their networking opportunities. BtoB Magazine touches on t... [More]

MAXIMIZE Your Trade Show Presence With a MINIturized Custom Portable Display

by Nomadic Display 26. April 2011 18:02
If you're on the look out for a new trade show display that won’t put a dent in your wallet, we have a FRESH new solution for you!  The super compact version of our clever Instand® Foundation displays may be just the trick to charge up your trade show program. Already popular in Europe, we’re unleashing them state side.  These new designs blend the easy set-up of a pop-up display with the modern, functional features you need to Stand Apart on the show floor and eng... [More]

Top Tips to Finding "Eggcellent" Trade Show Leads

by Nomadic Display 21. April 2011 17:58
The search for qualified buyers at trade shows can bring memories of childhood Easter egg hunts: you search high and low, the competition is fierce and you want to get MORE than everyone else. Before you embark on your next “Hunt”, check out our Show Smart survey of questions used to qualify visitors and avoid getting a “bad egg”. Talk the Talk, but not TOO muchWhile you’re trying to promote your products and services, prospects can be tu... [More]

Nomadic Helps Oklahoma Fly High At Europe's Premiere Wind Event

by Nomadic Display 19. April 2011 17:48
    Oklahoma's Dept of Commerce recruits aerospace, oil/gas/solar energy and biotechnology businesses from around the world to relocate to the state.  Their recruiting efforts involve participating in trade events around the world.  So when the time came to develop plans for the annual European Wind Energy Association show, EWEA, Oklahoma decided to premiere a new trade show display for the event. EWEA's Annual Event is a major meeting of minds for the European wind energy ... [More]

Your MUST Have Show Smart Tool Kit

by Nomadic Display 14. April 2011 18:19
In general as an exhibitor you’re restricted from using tools onsite due to contracted show labor agreements. But, we thought we’d recommend some show smart carry on items that you can tote to your next trade show. These ultra portable tools will ensure that you save time and money versus the added expense and hassle of acquiring them on-site. Below is a checklist of items to pack for your next event: Handy Hardware:Measuring tape, box cutter, scissors Essential Electric: Extensi... [More]

How To Use Video on The Show Floor

by Nomadic Display 13. April 2011 01:00
You don’t need to be a spawn of Speilberg to create a great take of your company at live events. Below are some Show Smart tips for casting your brand in the limelight. The SEO Skivvy:YouTube is quickly becoming the worlds largest search engine behind Google. Welcoming video into your event marketing mix will boost your search rankings.  In fact, your company will be 50 (yes FIFTY) times more likely to appear on 1st page organic search results. Just make sure once you've up... [More]

How QR Codes Can Spice Up Your Tradeshow Routine

by Nomadic Display 7. April 2011 18:28
We talked in our previous QR code post about measures to take before making QR codes a regular in your Event Marketing lineup. We established that NOW is the time to hop on the mobile marketing bandwagon before it’s too late.  While you’re laying out the welcome mat for these pixilated powerhouses, below are some fun filled ways that you can use QR codes to solve common trade show quandaries. 1) Your Sales Team is Busy As A Bumblebee  It’s great to have a traffic jam... [More]

Top Takeaways from Exhibitor 2011

by Nomadic Display 4. April 2011 17:49
  The largest conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers, Exhibitor2011, took center stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center this week. In between 220 information packed seminars, thousands of attendees hit the show floor in search of cutting edge solutions to address their top challenges. Attendees were drawn to our gravity defying custom rental trade show exhibit featuring a 400 square foot environment designed to facilitate face-to-face engagement.  We thought we&... [More]