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Dive into Show and Sell Season With HangTwenty

by Nomadic Display 23. February 2011 17:50
HangTen? Why Not Make It 20? A couple of weeks ago we rolled out our new HangTen trade show display that earned its name from its pronounced wave-like curve. Well, in just two short weeks HangTen has already doubled in size growing to a solid 20ft unit. So while HangTwenty may not be as clever a name, it’s a doubly clever solution to perfectly suit your exhibiting needs.  Now you can expand your brand reach at events with a 7-in-1 budget boosting exhibit display system, because Han... [More]

Nomadic Helps Proslide Plunge Into Bigger Business Ventures

by Nomadic Display 17. February 2011 18:09
  40x40 island at IAAPA Attractions trade show Proslide is an award-winning Canadian company that develops and designs water rides for water parks, theme parks and resorts around the world.  For the past 3 years, Proslides has turned to Nomadic to produce a custom design for their trade show booth rental.  This year to meet their expanding business priorities, Proslides ordered 2 trade show booth rentals for back-to-back events.  For the first show Proslides needed a 2... [More]

6 Steps To Achieving Exhibiting Magic

by Nomadic Display 16. February 2011 19:05
 Susan Friedman, the Trade Show Coach, is our featured guest blogger.  She's an industry think tank, author and trainer. Susan helps companies worldwide get the most out of attending trade shows and industry events.  The Trade Show Coach is known in the industry for designing and implementing strategies for show organizers and exhibitors who want to retain and grow their customer base.  In the wonderful world of exhibiting, a... [More]

Exhibitors, meet your new best friend

by Nomadic Display 10. February 2011 18:14
To engage new prospects and customers for this years show and sell season you need your trade show display to work harder for you than ever. That’s why we’ve created the new “HangTen” Series of DesignLine hybrid trade show displays. Our 8' wide contoured backwall is actually 3 display sizes in one! It converts to a 4’ wide graphic kiosk and a table top for versatility that delivers a maximum return on your display investment.    ... [More]

Nomadic Stands Behind NFL's Roger Goodell

by Nomadic Display 7. February 2011 18:50
  We could all feel the tension heat up in the Press Room this past Friday as Top NFL players sounded off to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. But, did you notice the sleek branded environment that stood behind the Commissioner? Yep that’s right, another one of our industry leading Broadcast set designs.   Producers select Nomadic displays for their unique ability to meet the special demands of traveling events. Nomadic displays are ultra portable and ship from location to ... [More]

Nomadic Kicks Off The Super Bowl XLV

by Nomadic Display 3. February 2011 19:41
Share | Whether you’re a cheese head cheering on the Packers or rooting for the Steelers, be sure to catch Nomadic's second set design for the NFL Network this Friday, Feb 4th at 7pm!  Nomadic's portable display will appear behind renowned NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, as he reflects on this season's triumphs and league challenges. (ABOVE: The graphic backwall that will appear behind Roger Goodell as he gives his speech) While Nomadic ushers in the 45 Annual ... [More]