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Happy New Years from Nomadic Display

by Nomadic Display 30. December 2010 23:31
  Whether you’re watching the ball drop from underneath a palm frond in tropical bliss or are huddled together in Times Square in a foot of wintery wrath, Nomadic wishes you a Happy New Year and one tip of advice: Aim the champagne bottle away from moving objects!  If adding a new trade show display to your marketing arsenal is one of your longstanding New Years Business Resolutions, we are here to help!Large budgets and small, let Nomadic take your trade show ... [More]

How to make customers LEAPFROG to your trade show booth part II

by Nomadic Display 30. December 2010 20:13
Last Wednesday we talked about three ways to drive critical mass to your trade show booth using event landing pages.  We established some simple tactics to optimizing your landing pages such as: harnessing the power of SEO, streamlining your online communications and appropriately engaging your visitors. Below are even MORE ingenious trade show tidbits to drive traffic to your booth. Last year’s collateral is this year's TREASURE 1)Even if you’re launching an entirely di... [More]

Nomadic Creates Waves of Show Smart Success for Ripple LLC

by Nomadic Display 29. December 2010 18:02
Exhibitor 2010 gave thousands of Exhibit Marketers the tools to achieve greater success in their event marketing programs. One lucky attendee from Ripple even won a FREE trade show display from Nomadic by participating in our 2010 Exhibitor Grand Prize Drawing.  Ripple LLC, a young Utah based company, develops medical instrumentation and implantable products for patients with neurological disabilities.  Daniel McDonnell, a representative of Ripple, v... [More]

3 things that'll make your customers leap frog to your landing page

by Nomadic Display 22. December 2010 17:58
What are you doing to increase traffic to your trade show booth?  Part of generating excitement about your trade show display and services is through your pre show promotions. Your event landing page is an integral part of pre show promotions and is the place to sell customers on putting your trade show exhibit on their “must see” list.  Below are some tips on optimizing your landing pages so that your key buyers won’t miss out on your trade s... [More]

Nomadic Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season

by Nomadic Display 21. December 2010 18:02
The Holidays are right around the corner and some are just rounding out Christmas shopping while others are headed up to the basement to see what gifts they can “repurpose”. Shopoholics and regifters alike, Nomadic wishes you a happy holiday season full of cheer, cherished family moments and safe travels. With temperatures dropping in the single digits and snow storms from coast to coast, we thought we’d let you in on a secret family recipe that’ll keep you warm when yo... [More]


Trade Show Tips

Nomadic Animates Brand Licensing 3 Years in a Row

by Nomadic Display 16. December 2010 18:14
Turner Broadcasting Systems 40x30' Island, Brand Licensing London, 2010, view 1This year’s Brand Licensing 2010 was a spectacle of fresh, new products attracting brands and retailers (Licensors and Licensees) from 60 different countries. Turner Broadcasting Systems, a Time Warner Company, is home to Cartoon Network and other entertainment channels.  Turner became a client of Nomadic Display almost three years ago when we designed the ultimate trade show display for thei... [More]

How to Revv Up your Social Media Efforts Part II

by Nomadic Display 14. December 2010 20:40
We noted in last week’s post that part of launching an effective social media campaign isn’t just about pushing your selling points down your customers’ throat, this will most likely cause your valued audience indigestion and hurt your overall brand reputation. Below are some best practices to have in place for future social media campaigns in 2011. Baffle Them with BrilliancePart of providing value to your customer base is sharing knowledge, insight and wisdom that wil... [More]

Join Us in Wishing Gwen Parsons a Happy Birthday

by Nomadic Display 7. December 2010 23:56
From left to right: Gwen Parsons, Amanda Parsons, and Pat GoekeAs the temperature dropped this past weekend, the Nomadic Team huddled together to celebrate Gwen Parsons “25th” birthday. The gathering was filled with holiday cheer and candor, spread by new acquaintances and old. There was plenty of wine and spirits to go around paired with exotic foods and birthday cake. Some reported even seeing a flurry or two! Gwen Parsons, SVP of Marketing at Nomadic, has been an integra... [More]

How to Revvvv Up Your Event Social Media Efforts for 2011

by Nomadic Display 7. December 2010 19:00
  According to the Exhibit Media Group 76% of Event Marketers cited social media as their preferred new media marketing tool. Whether you're new to social media or are a web 2.0 master, below are some tips to consider before you gas up for next years social media campaign. 1) STEER clear of being labeled a “Chatty Cathy”You're well aware of people that tweet ON the hour EVERY hour and are rightfully annoyed by their virtual chatterbox; keeping this in mind, make sure that your ... [More]

Nomadic Breaks Ground At The Annual Greenbuld Expo

by Nomadic Display 2. December 2010 18:08
  Oldcastle Architectural, the leading manufacturer of concrete masonry, lawn, garden and paving products in North America, wanted to debut a new trade show display at Greenbuild. Greenbuild is the largest Green Expo dedicated to showcasing the latest in sustainable products and services for the building industry. The Annual Greenbuild Conference and Expo reaches over 25,000 people and was held in the windy city in November. Oldcastle came to Exhibit Systems open to renting a custom... [More]