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Rental Renaissance: How Trade Show Exhibitors Win on Display Options

by Nomadic Display 31. August 2010 19:09
Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for exhibit rentals. One of the primary drivers behind this evolution has been the need for exhibitors to reduce their trade show spending without jeopardizing impact.In the current economic climate, renting rather than purchasing an exhibit can enable companies to trim their trade show budget—or to reallocate funds from display architecture to marketing and promotion. Participating in trade shows is about generating measu... [More]

Meet your new trade show team! ExhibitSense

by Nomadic Display 21. August 2010 02:02
  Big News! Nomadic Display has teamed up with ExhibitSense to bring a whole new generation of trade show exhibit solutions to Westborough.From strategic development through design and management, ExhibitSense is an exhibit agency with a proven track record of creating attention-getting, results-driven programs. And now they offer Nomadic's full line of custom modular and portable displays. Together we blend custom impact with the savings benefits of light weight modularity to help y... [More]

Industry Experts Choose Nomadic Rentals for Annual Events

by Nomadic Display 19. August 2010 19:31
When the Trade Show Exhibitors Association needed a display for their annual conference and trade show who did they call?....Nomadic!Margit Weisgal, President and CEO of the 1,500 member association, had a 20x20 island space strategically positioned in the center of the show hall. TSEA wanted overhead signage to draw constituents, a reception desk to greet passersby and conversation stations positioned at each corner.Each conversation station needed a couple of stools, a work surface, and to ... [More]

Check out our new 10' and 20' Inline value-priced display solutions.

by Nomadic Display 18. August 2010 23:08
We hear many of you continue to seek ways to stretch your marketing budget without compromising on design or capability. To satisfy emerging face-to-face opportunities in your marketplace, we just released 18 new 20’ and 10’ DesignLine hybrid display solutions. Not only do they have the latest features and finishes to attract your audience, but they are value-priced to save you money, AND are scalable to grow or break down to suit different venues.Check out the Exhibit Designs ... [More]

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Why Do Trade Shows Work?

by Nomadic Display 17. August 2010 23:56
Nomadic Display believes that face-to-face marketing is the most effective method to grow your business.  Why?  Because….. 77% of event attendees are potential new customers for exhibiting companies 82% of attendees are interested in the products and services marketed at events 55% of attendees have a buying plan We’d like to hear why you think trade shows work.  Please post your comment on our Facebook or our Blog and let us know!

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Trade Show Tips

Hey Batter, Batter! Nomadic lost to Apple Rock 6-9. But had the best time doing it!

by Nomadic Display 13. August 2010 23:34
WE LOST 6-9! But had a blast doing it.Saturday was a beautiful day for both traveling and the game. The weather for once actually cooperated with us. We arrived at Triad Park which was gorgeous and just huge. We put on our team shirts, practiced for about 10 minutes and started the game. APPLE ROCK TEAM NOMADIC DISPLAY TEAM We agreed to play seven innings but did not realize that it would go so FAST. We played the entire game in only 1 1/2 hrs. Nomadic definitely needed the other 2 innings ... [More]

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Hey Batter, Batter! Nomadic plans to trounce Apple Rock in our Softball re-match.

by Nomadic Display 7. August 2010 01:17
The game is set. The players are ready. The Nomadicheads are headed to North Carolina to play the Apple Rock Displayers in our 2nd Softball Game. So now the trophy's fate is in the hands of the select few who stood up and said "What are you crazy? You want me to travel for 10 Hours for a 2 Hour game? Okay, bring it on!" The positions were selected. Practice was held. We had wild throws, missed catches, flung bats and realized we had gotten old. The fate of the trophy was not looki... [More]

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How to get greater impact from your sponsorship investment in trade shows and events.

by Nomadic Display 5. August 2010 23:00
Sponsorships are a great way to promote your brand at events. However, measuring their effectiveness and value can present a challenge. Now there’s a new way to have massive exposure for your brand and tangible performance without monitoring and quantitative surveys. Sponsor the distribution of MingleSticks to all attendees at your next event.MingleSticks are tremendous event buzz-builders and a great networking tool for all attendees. A MingleStick is a simple one button device akin to an el... [More]

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Trade Show Tips

Featured Client: Cenovus Energy 20 x 20 Island Solution

by Nomadic Display 5. August 2010 01:08
"The display truly represents our company’s innovative ideas and new approaches. We’re excited about new opportunities to use it to engage our audience and further develop our brand." -Katie Wattie, Cenovus Energy ClientCenovus Energy is a leading oil company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Established in 2009, its roots date back to the earliest days of the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. Their operations include oil sands projects, natural gas and crude oil pr... [More]

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