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6 tips to put you on the cutting edge without cutting corners for your next trade show

by Nomadic Display 30. March 2010 20:14
More often than not, exhibitors find themselves at a dilemma when it comes to cost management. At least one component of the event gets the budget cut. But what exhibitors don’t often think about is that a “ budget cut” in one aspect of their event-marketing program, may cost them even more in the end. That’s why nothing beats proper planning when it comes to exhibiting. Let me share with you some tips that will help you save money without cutting corners:1. Establish a list of key dates and act... [More]

Looking for a unique and open 30' x 30' Island display? Check out our latest Design!

by Nomadic Display 25. March 2010 23:59
Make a large presence with our latest 30' x 30' display design. The Turnkey price for this attractive custom modular display is $86,000 - $96,000, a unique and open design that will sure to thrill. You get the reliability and quality product you expect from Nomadic plus the industry's best lifetime warranty! Design Features: Tension Fabric Overhead Structure 6 Integrated A/V Workstation Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics Two Free-Standing Counters Semi-Private... [More]

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Announcing the Winner of Nomadic's "Search for Songbird to Seize a Show Smart Solution" Contest

by Nomadic Display 24. March 2010 23:12
Our thanks to everyone that showed how "smart" they were in finding the red songbird among the new featured specials on our web site. The winning design is AB2015OEN.Drum roll please...and the winner of a complete 8' Instand display is  Daniel McDonnallRippleCongratulations!!Gwen ParsonsSenior Vice PresidentNomadic Display

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Thinking Outside the Trade Show.

by Nomadic Display 24. March 2010 00:45
It goes almost without saying that when one mentions Nomadic Display in normal business-to-business conversation that our name and products go hand-in-hand with trade shows. Our custom portable backwalls and custom modular islands are often seen at various shows and conventions – both local and international, with industries ranging from consumer retail to medical supplies. However, what many people might not know is that our products are also used outside the realm of these traditional events a... [More]


Exhibitor2010 in Las Vegas was a Great Show! Check out the videos of our booth.

by Nomadic Display 23. March 2010 00:16
We want to  thank the many customers, prospects and friends that were able to join us over this 3 day-must see event.  But if you weren’t one of them, here’s the next best thing – two short videos to view on YouTube. Gwen ParsonsSenior Vice PresidentNomadic Display

Nomadic Display "Family Recipes": A Green Dessert to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

by Nomadic Display 18. March 2010 00:32
Irish Delight 1 1/2 C Flour 1/2 C Pecans 1 1/2 C Powder Sugar 2 Pkgs Pistachio Instant Pudding (Royal) 1 1/2 Margarine Stick 12 oz Soft Cream Cheese 3 C Milk   Cool Whip FIRST LAYERPress flour, margarine and pecans together and bake at 350º until golden brown. Then Cool.SECOND LAYERCream together cream cheese and powder sugar and spread on top of 1st layer.THIRD LAYERBlend pistachio pudding and mi... [More]

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Featured Client: Nalco Mobotec 20 x 20 Island Solution

by Nomadic Display 16. March 2010 23:11
“We’ve received many compliments on our new exhibit when we brought it to the recent Power-Gen International in Orlando, Florida. We’ve been working with Nomadic through Innovation Exhibits for some time now. We’ve always trusted and liked the Nomadic solutions that Innovation Exhibits recommended." -Jay Crilley, Vice President, Business Development, Nalco Mobotec Client Nalco Mobotec develops innovative solutions to the world’s global air pollution control cha... [More]

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Heading to Exhibitor2010 in Las Vegas (March 15-17). Stop by booth 1145 and see us.

by Nomadic Display 15. March 2010 19:41
We’ve got lots of ways to help exhibitors Show Smart and Stand Apart.  Smart looks and smart designs that save money are the smart way to invest in your program.  At Nomadic we walk our own talk….from design through to execution.  This year we’ve created an atmosphere that is open, bright, and light to welcome visitors.  Our exhibit pops with personality in red, our signature color, pure white and silver accents.  To Stand Apart you want to be in step with current t... [More]

Planning for a show can get a little overwhelming sometimes. Where should you start?

by Nomadic Display 12. March 2010 01:53
By having the right stack of information in front of you will save you unnecessary worries. But where do you start? I suggest you begin with your show’s exhibitor service manual.  The exhibitor service manual is the official guide to everything you need to know about the show: all the relevant information, deadlines, rules and regulations, service forms, registration, show promotions, contractor and shipping information.  By going through the manual, you are able to simplify the plan... [More]

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Trade Show Tips

Looking for a cutting-edge Island display? Check out our latest design.

by Nomadic Display 11. March 2010 01:07
Make a large presence with our latest 20' Island display design. The Turnkey price for this attractive custom modular display, graphics included, is between $44k - $49k. You get the reliability and quality product you expect from Nomadic Display, plus the industry's best lifetime warranty. Design Features: Integrated A/V Workstation Overhead Messaging Integrated Counters Tension Fabric Graphics Tension Fabric Structure Laminated Extrusion Ask your local Nomadic De... [More]

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