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Budget Friendly Tips to Refresh Your Trade Show Exhibit

by Nomadic Display 14. October 2020 03:30
We are thrilled to see events and trade shows coming back to life. So now is a good time to dust off your display and get it ready for upcoming events or trade shows. Of course, I assume you have a quality built Nomadic Display… even if you don’t I am sure you want to be able to repurpose it for a few years. Regardless of what your upcoming show schedule may look like, or various size spaces you may be occupying, we can help you stretch your dollar. A professional display partner w... [More]


Don't Wait - Create Your Own Event!

by Nomadic Display 22. September 2020 21:41
Are you waiting for trade shows and events to come to life again or are you taking matters you’re your own hands? Hopefully if you are reading this you probably fall into the latter group. Sure, a lot had happened over the last 6 months and it may seem safer to do nothing and ride it out, but how long can you put your business on hold? Given all the new precautions we are all learning to take everywhere we go, is it crazy to think it is too soon to create your own event – like an Ope... [More]


Create an Uplifting Space for Employees and Guests

by Nomadic Display 6. August 2020 02:47
While most of your workforce may be working from home, or you are lightly staffed, now is the perfect time to take these 2020 lemons and make some delicious lemonade! While you are considering all the steps you need to take to reopen your office or store, take a moment to look around and consider refreshing the space too. Actively cleaning is a given, but what if you also took advantage of this moment to improve your office space with new paint, graphics or decor that doesn’t look like it... [More]


Partitions for Your Business Don’t Have to Be Boring

by Nomadic Display 9. July 2020 01:58
Businesses are in the process of figuring out how to safely reopen and get back to work, without making major modifications. Regardless if you are a restaurant or a corporate office, you will have to make some changes to how you operate. So, the question everyone is asking right now is how? Eventually capacity restrictions will be lifted, but how can you make your space feel safe for your employees and your guests, and not jeopardize your design or your wallet? Wow, lots to think about right! A... [More]


Time to Get Back Out On The Road

by Nomadic Display 18. June 2020 20:37
The last three and half months have been challenging for everyone and every business, worldwide. But while we have all been in the same boat, the path you choose to chart to shore could give you a competitive advantage. While states are beginning to reopen, business doors are following suit. Meanwhile what you are you doing to keep your team engaged with customers and prospects? Now is a good time to consider getting your sales team back out on the road and visit your local and regional clients.... [More]


Get Your Office Ready to Welcome Back Your Staff

by Nomadic Display 29. April 2020 19:48
  Things are very different than they were 6 months ago, and we are all learning to adapt to the new normal. States and businesses will be reopening in the next month or so, which is great news, but it seems many businesses are re-entering cautiously. As we all should.  Over the years many companies have moved to open format office spaces. This may not be adequate under new expectations and guidelines for your employees' wellbeing. Is your business prepared to welcome back emplo... [More]


Plan for a Busy Summer: 3 Things You Can Do Now

by Nomadic Display 8. April 2020 01:21
If you fast forward a couple of months… you may find a busy freaking summer! Shows that were never there before are filling in our summer schedules, and soon enough we will have fall shows nipping at our heels too.  ARE YOU READY? This summer is going to look very different than previous summers. All your exhibit and event vendors that typically have more capacity to work on things for you are now will most likely be bombarded with business. So, you need to rethink how soon you shou... [More]


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Nomadic Display's Official COVID-19 Statement

by Nomadic Display 25. March 2020 00:51
  Dear Nomadic Customers and Partners,   My heart goes out to the thousands of victims, families and employees who have been affected by this virus. The health and safety of our employees and our customers is our utmost priority. We are closely monitoring the CDC’s recommendations and have suspended all travel for employees, implemented strict cleaning protocols throughout the day, and are limiting meetings and sizes to support social distancing.   As the spread of COV... [More]

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The Portable Display: 5 Reasons It Might Be Exactly What You Need

by Nomadic Display 7. November 2018 16:51
The Portable Display: Top 5 Reasons It Might Be Exactly What You Need. [More]

Relax and Recharge: Nomadic Charging Stations

by Nomadic Display 6. February 2017 20:59
Nomadic Display, the worldwide leader in tradeshow displays, is providing a new and innovative solution that will keep attendees at your booth longer than ever before! Nomadic Display is proud to introduce integrated charging stations that give the presenter the opportunity to engage with attendees while providing the convenience of power. This sleek display design provides additional benefits such as the ability to add custom branding and custom lighting for displays that come in a var... [More]

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