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Build a Better Trade Show Budget for 2015

by Gwen Parsons 2. December 2014 20:39

For many companies that operate on a fiscal calendar year basis, December is budgeting month. So you should begin developing your 2015 marketing plan now, if you haven’t already started.

According to a survey conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the chart below illustrates the allocation of annual spending.

1. Use your actual trade show expenses for 2014 to help you estimate your budget for 2015. Examine your trade show expenses and note where you had cost efficiencies and/or overruns.

2. It’s interesting that the lion share of expenses are allocated to space and logistics while less than 1/3 is devoted to optimizing sales opportunities at trade shows.

Exhibit design            11%
Promotion                  6%
Lead management      4%
Subtotal                     21%

Look for ways to reduce operational expenses so you can reallocate the savings to your presentation and promotion to drive visitors to it.

3. If you’re planning to purchase or rent an exhibit, work closely with your exhibit house on cost projections for acquisition as well as show service estimates.

Invest in a modular trade show display that expands or contracts in size to be used in different venues vs buying multiple properties for use in each space size.

Trade show booths using aluminum systems with printed fabrics are very popular for their durability and lighter weight which reduces freight and material handling costs.

Trade show displays that assemble fast without tools like this wall system reduce labor costs associated with installation and dismantling.

Expand your current trade show exhibit economically by adding rental elements such as Internet kiosks, reception counters, storage towers, furniture, etc.

4. Submit all order forms on or before the show manual deadline - flooring, furniture, computers and Internet service - ordered late or on-site costs 10-20% more in wasted budget dollars.

5. Whenever possible, ship to the advance warehouse. Not only it is less expensive but your properties are delivered to the show floor first, before shipments arriving direct to show site.

What is your biggest trade show budgeting challenge?

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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Hyde Marine Launches New Product Internationally with a Unique Trade Show Booth Rental

by Gwen Parsons 18. November 2014 19:25

After launching their latest water treatment system for ships stateside, Hyde Marine returned to the Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology Trade Fair this year in Hamburg, Germany to introduce it internationally.

Hyde Marine contacted Innovation Exhibits a few months before the show. They wanted their presentation to include a greeting station, accommodate a demo unit of their new equipment which is relatively large, offer seating for six, and a storage room. They needed everything to fit into a corner space of less than 200 sq ft without appearing too cluttered.

Innovation Exhibits’ design team worked closely with Nomadic Display’s Frankfurt office to develop a custom trade show booth rental proposal. They designed an elegant trade show display rental that met Hyde’s requirements, maximized the available space and featured a surprise wow factor. In an effort to showcase their UV light technology, one wall of the storage closet was brightly backlit to catch the eye of prospective customers and illuminate the interior of stand.

The design enabled Hyde to effectively promote its brand and maximize their budget. The Hyde Marine custom display rental was produced in Germany, saving them the high cost of trans-Atlantic transport, customs, duties and VAT. The end result was a complete end-to-end turnkey service that also included delivery to, and set-up in, Hamburg which streamlined the process as well.

Everyone at Hyde Marine was pleased with the end result. Visitors were welcomed into an interesting yet casual atmosphere where they enjoyed light refreshments and learned about Hyde Marine’s product innovations. Hyde generated many more qualified leads than they had in previous years.

“It was so great and easy to work with Innovations Exhibits. They were able to come up with creative solutions, were very responsive to questions and delivered requested changes in a timely manner. The organization and execution of this international show was seamless.” said Adrienne Fazio, Hyde Marine Inc.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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Making Trade Shows Work For You: Nomadic Display Sponsors Final Exhibit Webinar

by Gwen Parsons 23. October 2014 16:30

“How to Make Trade Shows Work for You” - a four-part webinar series sponsored by Nomadic Display concluded Tuesday, October 21. Trade show sales and marketing experts, DJ Heckes, CEO of Exhib-it, and Laura Furumoto, Owner of Marketing To Go Now, led the final installment.

“Making the Most of Your Trade Show Presence,” helps trade show exhibitors plan and implement strategies for developing their competitive advantage before, during, and after their events. Heckes and Furumoto shared pre-show marketing tips and trends to help build event awareness; at-show sales and marketing tactics that help make stronger connections with event attendees; and post-show marketing techniques to foster continued rapport once everyone’s gone home.

The first webinar in the series, “Why Tradeshow Marketing?” was held on January 21, and focused on

  • Why sellers/buyers connect successfully at trade shows
  • Trust tradeshows for your innovation – historically the worlds new innovations from GPS to tablet computers have been introduced through this venue
  • How to leverage the power of the trade show ecosystem
  • Research stats to support your budget due diligence
  • 23 proven ways to use tradeshows to better your business

The second, held on April 22, advised attendees on the importance of trade show diligence in “Selecting the Right Show,” in the right market. Key takeaways included:

  • The process for selecting the right shows
  • Why you should budget before you select a show
  • Getting buy in from the relevant players in your company
  • The 10 Point Litmus Test
  • How to tie technology in with your objectives

“Notable Exhibiting Trends” was third. Presented on July 22, this inspiring and practical session illustrated

  • Current trends in the exhibit industry
  • Key ingredients for great trade show booths
  • Assessing which exhibiting company to work and what they should do for you
  • Tips for connecting with trade show attendees based on personality types and generational traits.

Missed them live? View the recorded versions of all four “How to Make Tradeshows Work for You” webinars online here.

All webinar attendees received a free digital download of the ultimate trade show marketing handbook, The Noise Behind Business: How to Make Tradeshows Work. Written by DJ Heckes and Chris Kappes - a sales and marketing executive himself - The Noise Behind Business explores the tradeshow eco-system and the relationship between buyers and sellers, branding, show selection, pre-show planning, pre-show marketing, budgeting, staffing, demonstrations, and even venture into virtual trade shows and projections into the future. Order your copy here.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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Nomadic Display Hosts Networking Event with Tri-County Chamber of Commerce

by Gwen Parsons 10. October 2014 23:37

Nomadic Display — a leading producer of top-of-the-line custom modular and portable trade show displays hosted a Business After Hours Networking event for members of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce in its Fairfield, New Jersey showroom on Thursday, October 9.

The opportunities presented by a face-to-face marketing event such as this one are invaluable. Chamber members were invited to enjoy refreshments, make new contacts, and network with like-minded professionals in the Tri-County area, ultimately setting the stage for real business growth. The more you learn about another person’s interests and experiences, the more that person will want to learn about yours.

Nomadic Display offered attendees a sampling of their most unique exhibit designs, some of which have served as the backdrop for high-profile primetime television programs.

At the end of the event, Nomadic Display held a door prize drawing. David Vnenchek of Placements Plus Service (left) receives his prize from Michael Hurley of Nomadic Display, a SignLine banner stand, valued at $480.

For help organizing your next business event, contact your Nomadic Display representative today.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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Cool Technologies for Trade Show Marketing

by Gwen Parsons 24. September 2014 16:47

Executing effective trade show marketing takes more than just showing up. Make the most of your trade show experience, and take advantage of technology. The use of digital communication methods can ensure that your company stands out and draws attendees into your trade show display.

Implement technology in smart ways:

  • Position large screen monitors around the space, and play videos or animations.
  • Use video badges for your trade show staff.
  • Loop motion graphics to create an inviting atmosphere, and make buyers comfortable.
  • Encourage booth visitors to interact with touch screen displays.
  • Upload digital photos to social media instantly.
  • Use scanners, smartphones or tablets for lead capture.

Large Screen Monitors in Your Trade Show Display

The placement of one or more large screen monitors in your trade show booth will draw visitors’ attention long enough for a member of your booth staff to engage them in a conversation Videos should be eye-catching, concise and to the point. They can promote products, provide demonstrations, present client testimonials, or do all three. Be sure to use colorful graphics, music and movement when creating animations for your trade show display.

More Trade Show Booth Ideas…

Why choose between education and entertainment when you can do both? “Edutain” your trade show audience with touch screen kiosks, tablets and other interactive opportunities that enable visitors to explore information on your products based on their interests, and at their own pace. Electronic games such as slot machines, Plinko boards and toss-and-win are an exciting way to engage and reward attendees with prizes.

Trade Show Lead Capture

Generating sales leads is often one of the primary goals of your trade show marketing plan. Badge scanners capture leads electronically so they may be imported into your database or CRM. Use your smartphone or tablet to snap photos of attendee business cards so you won’t have to rely on handwritten information that might be difficult to read. Tablet apps, like Nomadic's Media on Demand, capture leads, enable you to email information tailored to the conversation, and provide tracking reports.

The digital age is upon us — in our homes, in our cars, in our offices, and in our trade shows!

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


FabLite™ Tension Fabric Displays Make a BIG Graphic Impact

by Gwen Parsons 11. September 2014 07:29

Nomadic Display’s newest, most affordable tension fabric display - FabLite™ — is available for table top display, and in 10- and 20-foot backwall sizes. “It’s a great option for hotel shows, conferences, and community affairs events," said company President and CEO, Pat Goeke.

Vivid Graphics
Each fabric graphic is custom-tailored to fit. The printed front side is sewn together with a black liner for opacity. Nomadic’s dye sublimation-printed fabric graphics are wrinkle-resistant, durable, and completely washable.

Compact & Lightweight
Each 10-foot FabLite portable display packs to ship in its own duffel bag, and weighs just 28 pounds complete.

For a large-and-in-charge display that really stands out, connect two 10-foot FabLite tension fabric displays, and presto, you’re ready to show! The 20-foot portable display packs neatly in a single RollOne case with a set of lights and a premium counter conversion kit.

Easy to Set Up
FabLite assembles in minutes. Tube frame sections are bungeed together to quickly connect. Simply pull the graphic “pillowcase” down over the frame, and zip it closed.

Lifetime Warranty
FabLite aluminum frames are covered for a lifetime of ownership. Should any aluminum structure fail to function due to defective materials or workmanship, Nomadic Display will repair or replace it free-of-charge, for life.

Learn more about Nomadic Display solutions for your trade show booth design needs.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


Social Media Strategies to Stand Out at Trade Shows

by Gwen Parsons 26. August 2014 18:38

Photo courtesy of Exhibitor Magazine

Social media can play a key role in your trade show marketing when used before, during and after your trade shows. Through the use of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, you can enhance your trade show experience, augment your results, and allow trade show attendees to:

  • Locate real-time information about new products and services to see at the show.
  • Put your trade show display on their “must see” list.
  • Network with other attendees.

Before the Show

It is important to plan ahead to integrate social media into your trade show marketing strategy. Get your sales and marketing team involved in creating a calendar of activities, and use hashtags, blogs and online communities to build anticipation for the show. A successful social media plan includes:

  • A timeline that details frequency, content for each post, when it will be initiated and by whom to keep your audience engaged, and help visitors connect to social media channels.
  • Joining groups and registering as an exhibitor on Apps created by your show organizers.
  • Creating event pages to promote your participation at shows.
  • Setting clear guidelines for what is considered appropriate for staff members who will be involved in posting.

During the Show

As attendees browse the trade show floor, they’ll be doing so with phone- or tablet-in-hand; they’ll be Facebooking, tweeting and Instagramming in real time, and you should be, too:

  • Assign one individual to check-in on channels periodically to monitor progress and respond to replies. Doing so will free up your booth staff, allowing them to focus on interacting with visitors and promoting your products and/or services.
  • Encourage fans and followers to check-in and receive a reward.
  • Host a Tweetup in your booth, and sponsor special activities or giveaways for everyone who attends.
  • Post photos of your trade show display at the event, or video testimonials of customers visiting your booth.

After the Show

Your trade show experience doesn’t have to end when the exhibit hall doors close. Social media allows you to continue to promote interaction with your brand:

  • Blog the highlights of your show experience: Keynote presentations, conference topics, and industry trends.
  • Keep the conversation going, and include even the individuals who were unable to attend your trade show. Offer slide decks or promotional materials for download.

Stand out. Make yourself known, and drive traffic to your trade show booth using social media channels; and hey, more traffic means more new business opportunities.

Uncover other tips, tricks and ideas with our guide to Social Media for Trade Shows and Events.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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Trade Show Display Trends: Maximizing Verbal and Visual Communication

by Gwen Parsons 13. August 2014 08:24

On July 22nd, webinar by Exhib-it, Nomadic Display sponsored a webinar hosted by Exhib-it entitled “Notable Exhibiting Trends: Maximizing Your Verbal and Visual Communication”. This informative webinar provides detailed information on how to make the most of your trade show display. It is just one part of a four part training series entitled “How to Make Tradeshows Work For You.” This enlightening series demonstrates exactly why tradeshows should be a key component of your marketing mix and how to make them work best for you.

“Notable Exhibiting Trends” is an inspiring and practical session that illustrates current exhibit industry trends and provides action items to use in your own organization. If you are new to tradeshows or you are looking to maximize your ROI, this webinar provides you with a constructive guide to help you better connect both visually and verbally with prospective clients.

“Notable Exhibiting Trends” covers a variety of topics that are important to your company’s success at your next tradeshow. Key points covered in the webinar include:

  • Key ingredients for great trade show booths
  • What an exhibit company should do for you
  • Connecting with tradeshow attendees by understanding
    personality types and generational profiles

Trade Show Display Trends – Putting it All Together

Over the years tradeshows have evolved from a simple show and tell to a hands-on product confidence builder and branding opportunity for participants. Attendees judge an organization by its presentation. That is why it is more important than ever to fully understand how to connect with customers and create a memorable trade show display.

The webinar takes you from background through to actionable items to enable you to take full advantage of the face-to-face marketing medium. Watch it now

Don’t forget to sign up for the last live session of the series “Making the Most of Your Trade Show Presence” on Oct 21, 2014

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


Portable Exhibits are Magnets for New Customers

by Gwen Parsons 24. July 2014 14:41

Attract new sales opportunities. It’s a simple, yet challenging business objective. Every business needs customers to thrive, but the challenge is in choosing the most effective and cost efficient methods to reach prospects. Portable exhibits can help you meet your business goals because they outshine many other forms of marketing communication.

Delivering the right message to the right audience is key. Promote your company and its products in a way that won’t be missed by your audience. A portable display cannot be postponed, deleted, or tossed in the trash. Like a billboard, people will come face-to-face with your life sized message, wherever you set it up. Portable displays are a great solution for sales and marketing personnel to take anywhere on the road. High quality graphics deliver a professional impression and ensure that your brand is consistently expressed across all markets. Graphic flexibility enables you to change out messages to target different audiences. Portable displays are designed for frequent travel and re-use. Be sure to see a demonstration of how your display sets-up.

Portable exhibits come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Affordably priced, they also save you money on storage and transportation as well as drayage and labor when used in an
exhibition hall.

Additional benefits of portable displays include:

  • Fit into one or two lightweight cases; usually with built-in wheels
  • Compact to transport by car, check as luggage or ship via UPS or FedEx
  • Easy for one person to set-up; many exhibition halls allow exhibitors to assemble their own portable display in a 10x10 space.
  • Cases may convert into an economical counter with a solid work surface

Not all portable exhibits are created equal. To make the best choice for your company, be sure to ask your exhibit provider:

  • What options are available to update or expand the display in future?
  • Who can a member of your team to speak to if they have questions during set-up which is usually on evenings and weekends?
  • Where are repairs handled if the display structure sustains damage?
  • How much does an average repair cost?
  • What does the warranty cover?

Nomadic Display offers a full line of portable displays for sales meetings, trade shows, community events, recruiting fairs, lobbies and more. Browse our searchable database of portable and modular pop ups, tension fabric and customized display solutions.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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Police Promote Public Safety with Progressive Pop Up

by Gwen Parsons 25. June 2014 23:58

The Maryland Dept of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) was impressed with the performance of their Instand® table top pop up display. So when it came time to plan for a larger presentation, members of the DPSCS paid a visit to Nomadic’s showroom

During their display consultation, the DPSCS expressed their need for a new trade show exhibit to publicize their mission and services at a variety of events. The requirements for their new trade show booth design were that it needed to represent their overall public safety message and provide the versatility to communicate to different audiences. 

The DPSCS chose a Nomadic best seller - an Instand pop-up display that has the flexibility to be used alone or connected to mini Foundation with accessories.

Mini Foundation enables messaging to be quickly and easily updated through interchangeable graphic signage and electronic content featured on a flat screen monitor.

Peace Officers Memorial Day is an annual, nationwide event sponsored by the National Fraternal Order of Police to pay tribute to local, state, and federal officers. The DPSCS premiered the new display at a Memorial Service to honor the courage and dedication of their officers.  The monitor on the display played a scrolling roll call of officers who died in the line of duty.

The annual Peace Officers Memorial Day Service is attended by fellow officers and their families. 

“The guidance we received from Nomadic  staff was helpful in our quest for a superb presentation that would be both different and better than what we had used before. Our new display meets our exact needs”, said Claude Nelson, Manager, Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute Coordinator.

The DPSCS plans to take their presentation to a state conference for law enforcement as well as trade shows, conventions and conferences in the future.



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